Class Agenda for Monday, August 10, 2009

1.  Take time to respond to at least 2 people’s comments in our class on our discussion thread at our wiki.

2.  Group Share:  An Idea That Stood Out to You

3.  Set up individual blogs for blogging your thinking and research.  Please go to; we will walk you through the setup process!  Email your blog link from your gmail account to Ms. Hamilton at .

4.  Introduction to Google Docs.

5.  Google Docs:  please complete the Google Docs form here (5th period only).   This is private and will not be seen by anyone except for Mrs. Lester and Ms. Hamilton.  This form is to help us identify everyone with their email and Wetpaint accounts.  Be sure to save the file when you are done typing in your info.  Please complete this by the beginning of class on Thursday.

6.  Take a peek at our course Netvibes page and LibGuides “home”.


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