Reflections On What It Means To Be a “Networked Student”

Back in August 2009, we watched the Networked Student video (see above). Most of you at that time indicated you did not really consider yourselves networked students.  Today we have also watched the PLE video.

Please consider these questions:

1. How do you see yourself at this point in time? Are you a networked student? In what ways? In what ways do you think you are not “networked”?

2. What tools or resources do you need access to at school that you can’t get to right now to help you become a more networked student? How would these tools or resources help you as a student and learner?

3.  Think about the PLE video.  What do you think of creating your own information dashboard?  How could creating and using a tool like this help you with your research projects and daily time management?

Please compose a brief paragraph (5-7 sentences) for each question; please remember to proofread carefully before posting your response HERE on  THIS blog.  You may want to type and spellcheck in Google Docs or Word first.   If you need assistance or clarification, please see Ms. Hamilton or Ms. Lester for help.  You should have your response posted by the beginning of class on Friday, March 12, 2010.



38 comments on “Reflections On What It Means To Be a “Networked Student”

  1. Jeneé says:

    I believe that I am a networked student because I have used many of the resources that were mentioned in the videos. In August when we started our first project Mrs. Hamilton showed us many Web 2.0 tools that I have been using throughout the year in all my classes. I have used Diigo and the different iGoogle things that she showed us in all my classes. I have also used Noodletools for my bibliographies and notecards. I have not used NetVibes so I am not networked in that area. I am looking forward to using Skype, iTunes, Diigo, Noodletools, and the other tools again. I think I need access to YouTube and iTunes at school which I do not have access to right now. They would help me with my connectivity and learning what other people are doing around the world with the topics were discussing in class. I would love to create my own information dashboard because it would help my organization and keep me focused. It would also put all my resources in one place and easily accessible. It would save me time because I would not have to go to all the different websites because they would all be in my personal space which I could choose to be public or not.

  2. Alex A. says:

    At this point, I see myself as a well connected student. I know how to use the various social networking sites and other resources that our class has used. If we have not used them yet, I am very good at figuring the process out on my own. I would consider myself a networked student because I apply tools such as, iGoogle and Google Docs outside of the classroom. I might not be networked in terms of how to discover the websites, blogs, and other tools in order to become more networked.
    I would very much like to have access to YouTube on the computers at school. I can personally say for myself that I will not abuse this privilege, and I will use it for academic purposes only. However, I can easily understand how other students might abuse this privilege, and I fully understand why we do not have access to YouTube at the moment. YouTube would help me as a learner because I could view videos from knowledgeable individuals on a topic that I am researching. It is much more enjoyable to watch a video than to search for articles that are ten pages long. Videos make researching much easier and more time efficient.
    I would not mind to create an information dashboard, but I view my Google site as one also. I prefer to just stick with this tool because I, personally, find it very helpful. I I can organize and manage everything I need to from there. However, this tool could help me with my time management, but I do not think that it would make a huge impact. It would have everything I need on one page, but I think that my Google site fills that need also.

  3. grifreaper says:

    I see myself as a slightly developed networked student. I used several different rescources last semester, and feel comfortable using them again this semester. I don’t see myself as a network student when it comes to using resources like Youtube or podcast. I can use blogs, and google site easily after last semester. I know that I can learn to use more rescources, and can’t wait to see what else I can use this semester.

    I really can’t think of any other tools that I could use that are blocked by the school. Most of the other rescources would end up being more of a distraction than a tool. One tool that would be useful is alternate internet browsers, like Firefox or Google Chrome. Those run smoother, and have less errors than Internet Explorer. They can’t do everything Internet Explorer can do, but have less errors in using them.

    I think that creating a information dashboard would be interesting. It would make it a little easier to keep track of what tools we used, and wouldn’t have to guess at some of the details. I think that if its managed well, that it could be a very effective tool to use. It would help me keep track of the different resources that I use for the next research project. The dashboard would be helpful, and I’d support the idea of using one.

  4. Rachel H. says:

    1. In some ways, I am a networked student and in others, I am not. For one, I usually use my web sources to research, to help me with my homework, or to use social networks to connect with my friends and discuss homework. However, those few things are my limits. I don’t blog or get involved in any of the top educational network. I keep it to a bare minimum. Considering I am a more hands-on individual and usually tend to be a “pen and paper” type of person, I suppose I can be categorized into the “not a networked student” category.

    2. For our class research, I believe we should have less restricted web pages. For example, educational blog spaces and YouTube would enhance our learning experiences and make it easier for our teachers to teach us. Blog sites would help us to communicate with others and talk about important topics. It is a great way to learn and share great ideas. YouTube would also be beneficial to us as students because this site has many great educational videos to offer.

    3. I definitely think that creating and using an information dashboard would help me with my research. It would help me to keep all my links organized and make access to those sources much easier. Also, it would help with my time management. Having access to everything in once place is a much more organized way to go about completing my research project. As a class, I believe we would save so much time by creating an information dashboard.

  5. Maida A. says:

    At this point in time, I see myself as a networked student. I use a big variety of resources. Convenience is no longer an excuse for me. I have learned many easy shortcuts to get to my desired page simply and fast. Something that doesn’t make me networked is the perfection I aim for in all my research. Because I am so used to looking in books for my information, it takes longer for me to complete my task by using network resources but still finishing it fast.
    Youtube is a big resource that should be opened. This is because this website has many resourceful videos about everything. People all over the world have a Youtube account. Everybody has different opinions and therefore I can learn more that I used to. This could help me in everything from my common knowledge to the information I need.
    I think an information dashboard would be extremely helpful. All my resources would be in the same spot and it would be easy for me to get to where I want fast and simply. I would have more time to do something else, because an information dashboard can save me a lot of time. Also, I can be open to more types of resources if I know about the convenience of having them all in one spot. Therefore, my life would be a lot easier.

  6. BrittanyL. says:

    1.At this point and time I see myself as a very well connected student.I know how to use many social networking sites and other resources our class has used.I used many tools outside class, such as, iGoogle, Google Docs, Glogster,etc.I like to use reminders on the “to dos list” and Sticky Notes and even the T.V. Guide feature. There are so many things that all these sites have that make everyday life and school work easier. Even if we haven’t used them yet I am usually very good at figuring the process out on my own.
    2.There are many resources I would like to have access to at school. One big thing I would like to have at school is YouTube. You Tube is so efficient for finding video resources for presentation and Glogs. I know many people will abuse this, but maybe you can just restrict the words they type in to look up videos. I just know that YouTube can be very helpful for school work. Another thing that would be nice is if they could unblock music sites such as, playlist, lastfm, etc, because it is nice to put music on some of the presentations that we do school and at school it is just not possible.
    3. I think making an information dashboard would be very helpful. This could help me a lot. This could help keep all my resources in the same place. Also I can be more open to trying more types of resources if they are all in the same place. This could keep me organized and efficient.

  7. Claire P. says:

    Claire P.
    March 13, 2010
    5th Period
    In this particular point in time I do view myself as a networked student. I think that I am a networked student because almost all of the work that I complete is online. Also, another main source that makes me directly connected is for research purposes. In many to all of my classes at one point in time I have been required to gather some resources for information on a certain topic. Some students may have gone to the book; however, I went and still would go directly to the internet. The internet tools that I use most often are Google, Youtube, and many of the resource reference portals that Mrs. Hamilton connected me to. All in all, if the question was asked of me do you view yourself as “networked?” I would not think twice to answer yes.
    Likewise, there are many tools that would be very helpful and useful in the school setting that we do not have access to. Many of these tools I am probably not even aware of, because the school does not allow them. However, if the school did allow certain web sites that could be used for research purposes only students could better their education, and expand their skills in not only research development, but also in social communication. One resource that I would enjoy having access to that I don’t right now would be Youtube. Youtube is a mass collection of many videos, recording, small clips, and much more. Having access to Youtube would allow students to broaden their horizon on a certain topic no matter what it is. Also, having access to use this site would make it easier for students to learn more quickly, or get a brief description on a topic or person in which they were researching. Therefore, the main tool that I think would help not only me as a student, but many others would have to be Youtube.
    Lastly, I think that creating my own information dashboard would be very useful and effective. As shown in the video the young girl in seventh grade felt that she was well prepared for any project or assignment that was to come at her, because she was “connected” to all of the tools that she could need right at the tip of her fingers with her information dashboard. I think that these dashboards would be very beneficial, because it would allow students to add links and or shortcuts to sites that they use on a day to day basis. Also, it would provide a source of organization. I know that if I am organized I am more willing to get everything completed. Moreover, the information dashboard just provides a different way of looking at things rather than just the normal agenda or textbook. Getting always and moving towards something new creates more interest in a new way of doing things. Additionally, as I previously mentioned having an information data base would save you a great amount of time, because everything would be at easy access, which would better you in time management. Lastly, having a resource tool such as an information dashboard would benefit you in more than one way.

  8. Sam M. says:

    I see myself as a semi networked student. I say this because I use some of the databases still. For example, Igoogle, Google reader, and some of the databases for school work. I say that I am not a full-fledged networked student because to me a full-fledged one is on all the social networking sites 24-7. By this I mean not just for schoolwork but they use it in everyday life. The only time I use most of the things we were taught in August is for school.

    A great tool I think that should be available at school is YouTube. Most teachers are against it, but I am going to tell you why we need it. YouTube would help our research. Not many people use actual videos on their works cited. This could be a way to get some new cites besides books, and online databases. Also YouTube would allow students to look freely with millions of videos for any topic. This would take some trust from the teachers though. Finally, YouTube is a good way to get to documentaries that not many people think YouTube has. Another thing I think we should have is a wider restriction to the websites we can get to. Some of the pages and full on websites that are blocked could be very useful.

    I like the Idea of having my own information dashboard, but I cannot see myself using it that often. A tool like this would allow you to store pretty much anything you wanted on it. I can also see how it could possibly help with time management. I see how you would just have everything linked to the main board. The thing that is confusing me is that it seems like you could only have one project at a time, or you would have to have many of these dashboards. I just cannot picture having information for 6 different projects on the same one.

  9. Kristin S. says:

    I see myself as a much more “networked” student at this point in time than I did at the beginning of last semester. Now I have knowledge of tools I can use to get information from actual people, not just websites and databases. I also have tools I can use to share the information I gather with the rest of the world. However, I do not feel completely “networked”. I think I can share my information with more people and use the tools we learned about in class more to my advantage.

    Right now, I feel like the only tool that would be useful to me to which I don’t have access at school is YouTube. It would help because I could view videos and documentaries from experienced and knowledgeable individuals. I think it would be a lot more useful and quicker than searching for articles on a database.

    I would find it helpful to crate an information dashboard like that because all of the information sites I use would be right there and I wouldn’t have to go through 10 different websites just to get to the database. It would make it a lot easier to keep track of the tools we use and help me organize my information sources as well.

  10. Emily L says:

    Right now I feel that I am a somewhat networked student. I feel like I have learned a lot about how different sites can help me in school have kept me organized and helped me turn things in on time. They helped because I can access my work from anywhere or even turn it in online. Although I have learned all of this, I feel like I still have a lot to learn and that there are many more sites that can further help me in school. Over all, I feel that I am a fairly “networked” student.
    I think that there are a few sites that would help me that are blocked from the school’s Internet. I think having youtube would be very helpful. For example, if I don’t understand something that a teacher was going over in class I could go to the library during my lunch and watch a video that explains the same thing in a different way, and then I would better understand. Also, youtube videos can be watched more than once, where as a teacher may only say something once. Another way youtube would be helpful is for projects, If we were doing a project on a topic that is hard to understand, adding a youtube video could help explain and/or make the presentation more interesting for others. Another source of information that has been blocked by the school are many blogs. Some of these blogs could be very helpful, but we can not access them because of the school’s restrictions.
    I think that creating my own information dashboard would be very helpful. I feel like it would keep everything organized in one spot and it would help me keep up with my school work a lot better. For example, I could have a special place for any project that I am working on. In that spot I could keep any and all information that could possibly help me finish the project on time. I could keep videos that I found on my topic, blogs about my topic, basically anything that relates to the project. Also, I could have a spot for every one of my classes. In each of these spots I could keep information about what we are working on in class, papers I am writing, homework that I need to finish, etc. All in all, I feel that an information dashboard would help me stay organized and help me get better grades.

  11. hudson82653 says:

    Currently, I would consider myself a networked student. I am updated on current news throughout the world via social media. I contact all of my friends through texting, emails, & Facebook. I even get my makeup homework through networking when I miss school. I rely heavily on networking in order to function in my daily life. I have learned to use networking tools to my advantage primarily because of this class. Now that I can see how much easier life is with them, it would be difficult for me to give them up. I am networked because I enjoy learning from other students. A way that I am not networked is that I love having a text book to turn to when in doubt.
    The biggest tool that I use at home that I do not have access to at school is YouTube. It is highly frustrating because I use it for homework, research, and even understanding references. It is an excellent resource for multi-genre projects too. I think we should have access to it in school for improved learning. Another thing I would like to have back is It is good for streaming FREE music, as opposed to Lala, where one is required to purchase the whole song. For me and many other students, music helps us work. I have ADD and music is one of the things that helps me stay focused and on task. Also, youtube even has links to music that has been proven to improve concentration and stimulate brainwaves.
    I particularly like the idea of organizing our numerous pages through something with symbols. It is almost a way of being kinesthetic while online. I like this idea because everything we need would be compacted into one page, as opposed to the scattered pages and links we have right now. I also liked the way she had a bunch of sites with their links and a preview on one page. It made things neat and simple. I think if everything is organized in an easy manner online, then it would be easier for me to set deadlines of when each part of a project should be done. Hopefully, it would greatly improve my time management.

  12. Zach M. says:

    1. At this point in the school year I see myself as a student who is very well connected to the events going on both inside and outside the classroom. This is true because I apply my knowledge of Google tools such as Gmail, I-Google, and Google Docs to my school work and my leisure time outside of class. I use these tools to stay on top of my school work in class, and my personal life outside of class. I may not be networked because I do not utilize all of the networking tools that I could, such as WordPress and Diigo, outside of our Media 21 classroom.
    2. I believe that one tool that would help enhance our research and learning experiences would be YouTube. I believe this because with this tool being available in the classroom we could search for informational and factual videos to use for information during research projects, and also serve as a visual aid to our presentations or websites. This would also help make researching more fun because videos are much more enjoyable to get information from rather than a twenty page data base article.
    3. I believe that creating my own information dashboard would be both fun and efficient. I enjoy creating our websites; therefore, I believe that I would also enjoy creating an information dashboard that I could use to speed up the time that it takes to find all of the websites that I use in class every day, such as Gmail and our class website. It could also help me with research for my projects by allowing me to post links to valuable search engines and informational websites so that they are easily found. One other helpful aspect of an information dashboard would be the organizational help that it could provide me, since I am a very unorganized person.

  13. Danielle C. says:

    At this point in time, I see myself as a networked student. I have learned how to use many helpful tools throughout this Media 21 experience. Now, I even use some of the tools that were introduced to us, such as various Google tools and Glogster, outside of this class. However, I would not consider myself a completely networked student. It is still difficult for me to navigate to all of the blogs and websites that that we use. I also find it somewhat troublesome to do everything online because not everybody always has access to a computer.
    I think that YouTube would be a valuable resource for us to use in the classroom. It can be used to find information on just about any topic. Almost all of my teachers have shown me an educational YouTube video in class. I believe that these videos can open our eyes to different views. Also, I they would also widen our knowledge, as students, of any particular subject that we are learning.
    I think that using an information dashboard would be helpful. However, I believe that we already use a tool that serves as an information dashboard, iGoogle. I think that iGoogle is a very helpful tool as it concerns to organization. It allows us to access all of our most visited sites directly from our iGoogle homepage. This easy access simplifies the cluster of assignments that we have to complete for school everyday. iGoogle also simplifies the research process. While researching, I can have all of the information that I have found in front of me at the same time just by accessing my iGoogle homepage.

  14. Austin P says:

    Austin Phillips
    March 14, 2010
    At this point of time, i see myself as a connected student. I say this because I know how to use most of the websites and tools on the computer, that we are using in class. The ones that we have not used I try to figure out how to use them on my own. I also consider my self a network student is because I use things like Google Doc, not just in school but outside of school as well. The reason that i do not consider myself a network student because i do not discover blogs or other useful tools on my own.
    I would like to have access to any video website like YouTube. For me this is an important tool to have so that I watch videos on how to do certain stuff, instead of having to read page after page of material. The videos will also help with are time management that are teachers are trying to teach us how to do. I know that myself personally will not abuse this access, if it is given to me. Although I cannot account for the other people in are school.
    I would like to create one of these just to see if it is as helpful as my iGoogle. I also want to see which one is easier to handle because the information dashboard looks like it is very easy to manage. This tool might also help with the time management again because it has all of the tools I need in one place instead of having to click on many different links instead.

  15. Ally says:

    I see myself as a partially networked student, but I don’t see a problem with it. However, I log into facebook quite often, not only for social reasons, but to check homework and assignments with other students. Youtube is also one of my favorites to learn from. I can be taught from people who know what they are talking about and they are only a few clicks away. Unfortunately, in most of my classes, we don’t have the privilege to be on the computer and learn about social media as much as I do in this class. Therefore, I’m not learning as much about all the new technology. The biggest reason I am not interested in all the social websites that are out there is because I don’t know how to use them. I know that if I was taught how to properly use the new sites I would definitely utilize them much more often, not only in this class, but others as well.

    I think the only resource I couldn’t live without is Youtube. I rely on it so much when I don’t understand something in class that day. Schools days and tests are much easier when a student understands what’s going on and I believe youtube will help with that. Other students as well will find good teachers with well taught lessons that they can tell their friends about. Who knows, maybe a teacher at this school can learn from youtube as well. Facebook, I have to say, isn’t all that important to me as a Media 21 site. I know it would be a horrible distraction to other students as it can be a better social website than school related site.

    I loved the information dashboard so much. I thought, as I was watching the video, about how I can use it to help myself in school. But I also thought about the ways I can use it at home. Symbaloo makes it simple and efficient to surf the web. It will be nice to not have to remember all the sites’ names as I can just add them to my symbaloo. Another plus is that it wouldn’t be too time consuming to click on a link rather than type in a long URL. However, I have tried using symbaloo this weekend and I’m not sure how it works. I know that if I was taught all the ways to use it, though, I would love to have it in school.

  16. Alexis C. says:

    1. At this particular time, I see myself as a networked student. I am networked because we do all of our work online. I also apply the information I have learned outside the classroom as well. I use the refrence sources Ms. Hamilton showed us when needed. I also use Google Docs all the time. I am definitely a networked student.
    2. We could do with a lot of resources. However, I think we should have access to Youtube with some limitations. They should monitor what we view. It is a good source for educational videos that are not as boring as reading five page articles to complete research. It would help us in numerous ways, and it would also help the teachers since they can assign us videos to watch and then we can have discussions about whatever the topic was.
    3. I would rather use iGoogle than an information dashboard. It is just as useful and we already know how to navigate it. Everything is under one page and you can easily access it. However, it would be useful for keeping track of time. If everything is available at one dashboard, then it does not take as much time trying to access a page. When everything is just one click away on the information dashboard, it saves a lot of time for other things.

  17. brkspann says:

    1. How do you see yourself at this point in time? Are you a networked student? In what ways? In what ways do you think you are not “networked”?
    I am a networked student in some ways and not yet a networked student in others. I am a networked student because I use wordpress, wetpaint, and other class websites to blog about our ideas, projects, and opinions. I also use igoogle, gmail, wordpress, elocker, skype, glogster, and other websites to organize my school work and communicate with other students and my teachers. I use youtube, BBC News, NBC, and others tools to gather information and bookmark my resources for my school projects. However, I am not a networked student because I still have yet to use symbaloo, evernote, and other networks to participate in connectivism between my teachers, experts, and other students.
    2. What tools or resources do you need access to at school that you can’t get to right now to help you become a more networked student? How would these tools or resources help you as a student and learner?
    I cannot get access to youtube, and facebook. I could use youtube to research information for projects and papers in a video format. On the other hand, facebook could allow me to communicate quickly with experts I may want to interview for projects or with other students. Also, certain resources from google are blocked at the school that could otherwise be very useful for a project. These websites would help speed up my process of writing my papers and completing my projects.
    3. Think about the PLE video. What do you think of creating your own information dashboard? How could creating and using a tool like this help you with your research projects and daily time management?
    A webiste like symbaloo helps to organize your resources. It also provides a quick access to those resources and bookmarks. It also allows you to research a quick fact while staying on your home page. Also, it allows other to view your work and respond to your work with their opinions. It would also provide a quick communication device.

  18. Kellie Spann says:

    Reflection #1
    Kellie Spann
    5th Period

    I see myself as a networked student because a lot of the work I have done for our literature class has been online on networking sites. We have used several different varieties of resources for research, and we have gotten familiar with new gadgets and cool networking tools that have been developed. I have learned other ways to use resources and learn new things outside of the classroom. We also will be learning new resourced to use, like Skype for example. I am super excited to use Skype as a resource, but that is one way outside of normal researching tools and websites that I will learn to make me an even more interactive networking student. I do not have any ways that I think would make me a non-networked student.
    YouTube would definitely be helpful to have available in our classrooms. It would help us become more interactive networking students because it is a very sufficient resource to use. For visual learners, YouTube would be much easier to research so that you can actually see what information you are hearing too instead of it just going in one ear and out the other. Videos are very helpful to those who learn better visually.
    I think it would help me be more organized. It is all layed out in a format where everything you need is right in front of you and easy access to those things. As a result, it would be very efficient with time management because it would make things easier to find and to know exactly where things are. In a way, it could be like an agenda, except you do not have to carry it around with you everywhere you go like you would have to with an agenda. It could be easier for other people as well who you wish to share information with or share resources with because it would be just as easy for them to find your info as it would be for you.

  19. Jonathan R says:

    1. I feel as if I am a networked student. No longer am I fumbling in the dark when it comes to blogging and other projects we have forgone this year. Between the uses of all of these new resources, I believe that our class is more prepared for the ever-expanding future of technology. I have also learned of things that I was unaware even existed. I now use some of these resources in my day-to-day actions.
    2. At this point, I can only think of one resource that would help us that we do not have at this moment. That resource would be Youtube. It offers quite a bit of educational videos among all of the rabble. The videos would help on projects and to acclimate students into learning about the use of blogging sites and things like Diigo.
    3. I quite enjoyed the second video we watched. I feel as if creating a PLE would be a great way to manage my time and resources as best I could. Having a page that allocated all of my resources in one place would be a great thing to have. I am interested in using this, and hope we do in the future. In the meantime, I’ll work with what I have.

  20. Nicole T. says:

    At this point in time, I see myself as a very networked student. I feel that I was introduced to so many useful sites and techniques last semester that I find it so easy to navigate the various sites on the web. A way that I am a networked student is that I have mastered using the various social networking sites such as Facebook. Through Facebook, I have been able to practice my social networking skills as I share information with my family and friends. I have started to read a lot of blogs as they have interested me. I was surprised to actually see that I was passionate about reading and writing blogs. I believe that through these sites, I see myself as a very networked student.
    Tools or resources that I feel that I need access to at school that I currently can’t get to right now would definitely be YouTube. As of right now, I can’t watch videos that are needed for projects because they have blocked. Even though the videos could be very educational and informational, they still block it. I do not think that this is fair because there are a lot of videos out there that present very interesting information in an extremely fun way. This tool would definitely help me as a student and learner because it’ll make learning more fun and more interesting. It is always exciting when I can learn something visually because then, it sticks with me more and I remember it longer.
    I think that it would be quite fun to create my own information dashboard. It looks like a very great tool to stay organized and on top of things. I would be very excited to make an information dashboard because I love being organized and it would be great to see all my information in one place at one time. Creating this tool would help me with my research projects and daily time management because everything will be together and it’ll all be just a click away. This will solve all of my organizational issues and I won’t lose anything because it’ll all be stored on the internet.

  21. Kali S says:

    1. At this point in time I am not a networked student. School is mostly the only time I use these networking sites. Without school there is no way I would find out about these tools to help me with social media. Even though school teaches me, I still am not very networked. Facebook is a networking tool though and that it probly the only tool I use regularly.
    2. Skype would be awesome because we can get to talk to people face to face without actually seeing them in person. Our school does not have the ability to produce webcams to all the computers so this would be challenging. Youtube is also great because we can watch videos that teach us about social media or we can see actual footage of whatever we are researching.
    3. Having a dashboard with all my networking tools would be super simple to access every day and quickly organize information. It might be really hard to learn though and I do not think I would use it often outside of school. When I do use the dashboard it might be really interesting though.

  22. jasmine says:

    At this point in time I feel as if I am a network connected student. I also feel that my literature class is what has helped me achieve this. I was introduced to many new gadgets, websites, and learning tools. I think this has not only helped me academically, but it’s helping me stay socially connected as well. It has helped me prepare for college too. Learning how to master databases and such will help me later on with big research papers. Facebook is one of these tools that has I feel has really kept me socially connected. It lets me keep in touch with close friends and family. It also is a great was to organize my events.

    I know one of the websites that is blocked by the school would be Facebook and youtube. I feel like both of these websites could be used as great learning tool. Although there are good reasons to not allow access. I feel as if watching videos would also be a great way to expand our way of learning. Many kids learn through a visual way, and youtube could give us access to videos that could be used for educational purpose.

    I think that it would be a great idea to create my own informational dashboard. I think that It will defiantly help keep me organized and stay on top of my work and due dates. I think that this tool could be put to great use. Organization is one thing i have always struggled in and I think that creating a dashboard like this will help me better my organizational skills. Being able to view everything in one place is a great way to help me overcome my issue.

  23. Perry Holobach says:

    1. At this point in time, I consider myself to be somewhat of a networked student. I don’t use blogs, videos or anything of that genre for information in a project. I believe when videos become available through YouTube or some other video source, I can put that information to use. I do use other resources to figure out homework or to get the class material if I ever miss a day of school, it would be useful to have that kind of resource in school.
    2. I would like to use Facebook and YouTube at school. Facebook is useful because people can communicate faster through Facebook chat and messages. Also, YouTube has some informational videos mixed among the videos for entertainment. We can learn a lot from these videos if they have any that apply to the topic.
    3. I love the idea of an information ‘dashboard’, I have an iTouch, and that sorts all of my needs into apps managed from iTunes. Basically, I have a ‘game dashboard’ right now. I love the idea of having all of my resources in a dashboard similar to the iTouch. Plus the idea that it’s not just restricted to school work, I like that you can have specific tabs for school and then specific tabs for entertainment purposes. I would love to have a dashboard.

  24. Lindy Smith says:

    When I looked back at where we started out the beginning of August, I can gladly say that compared to then I am a networked student. There are many ways I consider myself a networked student: by looking up all my homework online, communicating with my teachers through email, real blogs, use our libguides’ for pathfinders, and listen to pod casts for information on research topics. I have found that being able to do these tasks on the computer and my phone have made my life so much easier. Also, my iGoogle page keeps all my activities very organized. When I put all these things together, I am on top of everything and am able to keep everything together in one place.
    The only resource I can think of that I would need at school would be YouTube. has some very good videos on topics we research at school. Yes, some of the clips are crude and not right for school, but the school board could ban the ones with explicit images. This resource would help us learn what others think about a certain topic and learn more about. Other tools such as Facebook, or MySpace is not right for school in my opinion. We need to keep those things and personal activities for at home.
    I am very excited to create my own information dashboard. From watching the PLE video, in my opinion, it will keep all my websites and links all in one place for easy access. It will help save a lot of time too, so you do not have to click a bunch of different links. Also it will keep all my work organized and professional looking. I am anxious to start working and create my own dashboard.

  25. Hannah Swanson says:

    I believe I am a networked student because I have learned how to utilize the tools on the Internet, like Google Documents. Sites like Google Documents make my life as a student easier because I no longer really need things like a flash drive. However, I feel I lack in being networked when it comes to researching. I find using tools like Galileo and Grolier confusing and cluttered. I also struggle with Diigo and other social bookmarking tools. I feel that if I could sharpen me skills with these tools I would become a more networked student.
    I feel YouTube and Facebook would help me become a more networked student. Videos on YouTube could help my in my research for projects. Many educational videos are offered on YouTube and help students find a larger variety of sources. Facebook could also be used to share sources and information with your classmates. If Facebook was allowed, I could become friends with my teachers. This would allow me to keep up with my assignment due dates more easily.
    I think the information dashboard looked cluttered and confusing. I think this kind of tool would not help me utilize my time or help me manage my assignments. I feel as if I would lose track of which projects were due and where they were located on the dashboard. I would spend more time trying to find where things are located in the dashboard rather than actually doing the assignment. This type of tool would cause me to waste time rather than save it.

  26. Halley R says:

    I am a networked student. I am on the computer everyday not only in my literature class. Before I was put in Mrs. Lester’s class I was still on Facebook all the time. I then learned about all the resources the Google has like Gmail and iGoogle. I now use Google for managing, my time and to stay connected to my classes. I would have never used Google for other than a search tool before.
    In school I can access most every resource I need, but YouTube would be a nice website to have unlocked because when I am running late on work that requires me to watch a video I am unable too. I believe there are ways to put a parental block and that can be turned on with certain code words blocked. There are some bad things on YouTube but there are also many benefits to the website. College professors’ tape there classes and educational videos are made and posted all the time. We could post videos we make on what we are learning and educate people all over the world having problems.
    After seeing the video I actually went on to the site she had in the video. I would love to have a homepage like that, where everything is right in front of me. It would be very time saving and organized. I actually think I like more than iGoogle. Everything has its own square link. This would keep me more focus at home due to me always choosing Facebook first because it is the only thing right there when I pull up internet explorer. If I had other options I would be more in tune with my assignments.

  27. Ashley S says:

    I consider myself a networked student. I am networked because I am continuously emailing my teachers about assignments. I also keep up with my actual assignments in Google Docs so they are always in the same place. I should be more networked with resources that are available to me, but I always find myself using the same databases, etc.

    I feel that I have plenty of sources and items to use to make me very networked, but I feel that vides sites such as YouTube would also help. YouTube have millions of educational videos that could be useful to my research. Also, I feel that video chat sources such as Skype could also be useful. Students would be able to chat with people who are experts in what they are researching. Although esearch can always be expanded beyond the classroom, I still feel that some resources such as YouTube and Skype would be very useful.

    By creating an information dashboard, I would be much more organized. I feel with all the websites we use, I tend to forget where half of my stuff is located. Also, I would better manage my time because I would know where all my work is located: on my information dashboard.

  28. Paige A. says:

    1. At this point in time, I consider myself a networked student and sometimes not a networked student. I use the internet for my school work most of the time. I use it for finding research information and even for help on homework. There are times, however, that I prefer to use a book for my information. I know it’s not as updated as the internet, but I trust it a lot more.

    2. I believe that YouTube would be a major help in becoming a more networked student. If YouTube wasn’t blocked, I could be able to use videos in my Glogsters and share them at school. I think teachers would benefit from using YouTube as well. There are so many different videos for teachers to choose from that could help explain a certain subject. I also believe we should be able to use Facebook. Facebook makes it easier for students to connect faster and share information on a certain topic.

    3. Making an information dashboard would be very helpful. It would help my daily time management because every site that I needed would be right in front of me. I wouldn’t have to spend numerous hours looking for a site that I’ve used. This would also make researching online much more organized for me.

  29. Loren T. says:

    Right now, I feel that I am a decently networked student. I use many of the social networking tools that we have learned about in class. I quite often use tools such as the GALE Virtual Reference Library for research. I also use my iGoogle page for keeping all of the important links that I frequently use all in one convenient place. However, in some ways I am un-networked. I do not frequently use web bookmarking tools, such as Diigo often at all.
    Right now, I really, really wish that we could access YouTube in school. YouTube is often a very important learning tool to me at home. I use it to find information often similar to what I could find in a blog. Video Blogs, or Vlogs, are a key component to learning, and we could greatly benefit from being able to use them at school. If we had this option available, I could use them to share information, and also to gain information from other, often credible sources.
    In a lot of ways, I already have my own PLE. My iGoogle Page contains lots of links and RSS feeds from resources I use often. So I think that a PLE is a necessity for every student. They make life much simpler, and do away with the memorization of links and resources. PLE’s are a great tool when it comes to research and are also very helpful with time management. They make finding your information much quicker, and they help saving your resources for later a very easy thing to do. Even though my current PLE is very efficient, I would be interested in making another one for a specific topic just to make researching even simpler.

  30. Morgan C says:

    1. At this point and time of the school year, I see myself as i networked student, but there are many ways that I could improve my networking skills. I am not very good with technology or computers, but in our modern day and time, the world runs on computers and technology, and if we do not learn how to operate them, then we will be lost. I will begin to try harder in classes to pay attention to learn more about computers and our assignments using them.
    2. Because I know so little about computers and networking, I am perfectly happy learning more about the resources we have access to now rather than to learn about resources we do not have access to.
    3. For my time management, a dashboard on the computer would honestly just confuse and make it difficult to pay attention in class. If we talked more about the dashboards and learned more, then I would be able to use the dashboard.

  31. smith49694 says:

    At this time in the year I know that I should be completely cool with the whole idea of network. However, I still have a hard time with using the network and I do not think I am a very connected student. I just have a hard time remembering where everything is and how to get to it. I hope that this will change as I get back into the idea of using computers and stuff.
    I know very little about the whole internet thing and therefore I do not know what resources would help me. Maybe youtube would be useful so that I could have the videos I need, but other than that I cannot think of any resource I would need.
    I think that using anything else on the computer would just be less helpful. I do not use a lot of computer technology so I try to keep it as simple as possible. So, I do not think that having my own dashboard would be very useful.

  32. nolanwilliamson says:

    Right now, I do believe that I am a networked student. I find myself using as many educational networking resources as possible whenever I am working on a project, or school work. I often even find myself surfing through the resources for fun from time to time. I feel that I am not “networked” because I severely dislike Facebook. It has become my goal to keep all of my Facebook interactions under 60 seconds. Log on, then be looking at the homepage again within 59 seconds, and never return for the rest of the day. I have seen and still do see Facebook taking over peoples’ lives, to the point where they live their life through Facebook. I have stared down the “deactivate account” button in the past, and to be honest, I can’t wait until I actually press it.
    I would like to be able to access Youtube from school. There are so many educational benefits that Youtube holds that I cannot attain because of the blocks in front of the site. I could see footage that relates to my current project, and embed videos into my web pages if I found them appropriate, but I currently can not because of the entertainment content on the site. I would also like to be able to use Itunes and use its podcasts, and have access to one of the worlds largest music databases so I could use them to enhance projects and websites.
    I like the PLE video, and I believe that creating such a dashboard for projects would be extremely beneficial. The time I have in class is so limited, and often it is spent waiting for something to load, remember a website, or not remember what I was working on. Though it would be helpful with educational matters, I don’t feel I would have much use for it with educational matters. I know most of my regular websites by heart, and I have the irregular URLs bookmarked. Logging on to a website for an enhanced view of my bookmarks is not very appealing to me from an entertainment standpoint, but very appealing from an educational one.

  33. Jennifer says:

    1. How do you see yourself at this point in time? Are you a networked student? In what ways? In what ways do you think you are not “networked”?

    I see myself as a networked student more so than I did in the beginning of the year. I think I am a networked student because I use the internet a lot more efficiently. I have learned how to research and what sources are reliable. I think I could be more connected by using my book marking tools more often along with my iGoogle website. Otherwise I think I have grown into a connected student.

    2. What tools or resources do you need access to at school that you can’t get to right now to help you become a more networked student?
    How would these tools or resources help you as a student and learner?

    I think that I would highly benefit from having access to YouTube. I understand why the website is blocked but I think that being able to look up videos on certain subjects would greatly help me understand my subject. I also think that iTunes should also be available. Having access to iTunes would be great because I could listen to educational podcasts and use iTunes U to find lectures and speeches from some of the smartest people in the world. I think that the schools should allow YouTube and iTunes in the school.

    3. Think about the PLE video. What do you think of creating your own information dashboard? How could creating and using a tool like this help you with your research projects and daily time management?

    I found that the dashboard was a great idea. I think that I could highly benefit from having my own dashboard because I could keep all my ideas and websites in one organized area. I think that organization is the first step to a good project. Also, I like the idea that you can share you dashboard with others. I think sharing ideas is important and a dashboard would help greatly.

  34. Emily Slater says:

    1. I still don’t really think I’m that much of a networked student. I’ll use Google, Gale, and Noodletools for projects, but that’s about the extent of my using the internet for school. However, this is an improvement from the beginning of the year when I only used Google. I actually think I’m starting to warm up to the idea of using technology in the class room. I still don’t like podcasts or videos though, because it’s hard to go back and see where you got your information.

    2. I’m perfectly fine with the online tools we have now. As I stated in the previous paragraph, I’m not too connected at the moment. I do, however, wish that we had Google chrome as our browser. Internet Explorer is slow and full of glitches. In addition to being faster, Google Chrome’s starting page is all of your most visited websites so it’s easier to get where you want to go.

    3. I think it could be pretty useful, but it could take a lot of time to organize. It would be easier because you could just click on a link and go. However, I’d probably put too many sites on it and wind up spending more time trying to find stuff than I would just typing the URL in. It also seems like something you’d have to put a lot of thought into organizing and I don’t really have time for that outside of school at the moment. Another thing is that I don’t think we’ve had enough exposure to the idea to fully comprehend what it is. Maybe if we went into more depth, then I’d change my mind.

  35. Joe says:

    1) By this point, after last semester, I have become more of a network student then I was before. I now check my online agenda and class pages regularly to get homework update and study links. It is now more important for me to email and keep in touch with class mates to either ask questions or compare answers on homework. I do this via my Facebook and Gmail accounts. The tools given to us last semester have helped me be more resourceful.

    2) There are a few tools we need at the school that we are not able to get in to at this time. One tool is Youtube, however there is also a good argument why we are not allowed to use it also. This video resource could help us find people video blogging or even real instances of an event we might be studying. However the main reason we are not allowed to have this tool is because of the inappropriate and distracting material on this web site. I do think the school should give teachers the right to access the website though so they can show us interesting videos they have found. This is just one example of the tools the school is not allowing us to access at this time.

    3) I think creating my own information dashboard would be fun. It would help me organize my resources in to any pattern I needed. This could keep my thoughts collected on to one page instead of me have to bookmark and tag and other time consuming stuff. Just taking that source and putting it on a website would make it quicker to look at all my websites and sources. The dashboard can keep me from having to remember each source and the bookmark its under, and just have the source its self right in front of me.

  36. Connor says:

    1. At this point in time i consider myself somewhat of a networked student because of all the time we spend in the computer lab and doing new things on the computers. But I do not believe we are completely networked. I do not think that we as a class are completely networked at all, in the video he talked about his class not having textbook, not using paper, not even bringing a pencil to class. That is waht I would consider a networked class.

    2. I personally think that the tools that we are not given access to right now would not help but impede our progress in the classroom. Toolls such as youtube would do terrible in the classroom, people would misuse that tool all the time. Who would really go on Youtube to look at educational videos by choice?

    3. I think that information dashboards would be great for students to use in the classroom and at home. Things like Symbaloo would be great because everything that you need is right in front of you and easy to access, no more jumping around tab to tab. Everyone would be much more organized and efficient as well, because going through seven different links to go write something that you really do not want to, can get you sidetracked. i think ease of access should be a necessity.

  37. Parkern says:

    I think that I am a networking student. I use the internet a lot to do homework and other work as well. My igoogle and gmail accounts help me a lot to stay updated in my classes. They also can tell me other stuff besides those classes. However i don’t think that our class is completely networked because in the video it talked about not using paper or even bringing a pencil to class and we defiantly aren’t that.

    I can access most of the same stuff at home than I can at school. Of course i don’t have Ms. Hamilton to help me out with everything. However i do think that I tend to get more work done in class than at home because there are more distractions at home.

    Creating an information dashboard could really help make my projects go faster. Having stuff already on my dashboard it will take less time to find whatever it is. I wont have to waste a lot of time doing a lot of research.

  38. josh cooley says:

    I see myself as a semi-connected student. I am connected in a personal and social way. Although I do not use the internet much for school use. I am not very good at useing computers but I believe with time that I will be able to develope the necessary skills for this class.

    I could use a background education with computer usage. also it would help to use a computer that has its own network and is not hampered by a large school system that continually freezes and malfunctions. Also it would help to have one on one computer teaching considering each students experience with computers is different.

    This toolbar could help me have a more user friendly computer experience. It would crunch time as help my failing organisation skills. It would also help me to be able to reach several sites at once and multitask

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