Connected Learners and Networked Students

Today, we have watched the Networked Student video (see above); we also watched the PLE video.

Please consider these questions:

1. How do you see yourself as a learner at this point in time? Are you a networked student? In what ways? In what ways do you think you are not “networked”?

2. What tools or resources do you need access to at school that you can’t get to right now to help you become a more networked student? How would these tools or resources help you as a student and learner?

3.  Think about the PLE video.  What do you think of creating your own information dashboard?  How could creating and using a tool like this help you with your research projects and daily time management?

Please compose a brief paragraph (5-7 sentences) for each cluster/group of questions; please remember to proofread carefully before posting your response HERE on  THIS blog.  You will have three total paragraphs of 5-7 sentences.  You will need  to type and spellcheck in Google Docs or Word first before posting.    If you need assistance or clarification, please see Ms. Hamilton or Ms. Lester for help.  You should have your response posted by the beginning of class on Monday, August 9, 2010.



61 comments on “Connected Learners and Networked Students

  1. Morgan Z 7th says:

    1. I am a networked student because I use facebook and Gmail and other networking programs. I am also not a networked student because I don’t know a lot of databases. Being a networked student means using the resources around and helping others use them. Using those helps you become a better student. As a learner I think I am visual learner or by notes.
    2. Facebook would be good to have at school because we could communicate better. We could keep in touch on assignments and due dates. We could use the resources on facebook and apply it to things in school. Also we could post assignments and others things on our walls and other people’s walls. We could also have pages for teachers and clubs to keep up with the class.
    3. I think using a dashboard we would be very useful. It would keep my class work organized and resources I like. It would be easier to keep up with what websites I use and other online things. Also I think it would help on projects to organize what I have done. Also it would help keep the class organized and assignments.

  2. Andrew says:

    1. i see myself as a quick learner. i dont really enjoy using the internet for school, so i would not really consider myself a networked student. the fact that i like old school pen and paper makes me not networked i geuss.

    2. i think my schools resources are fine.

    3. i personally dont see why a literature class uses the computer so much, id much rather write.

  3. Tori B. 7th says:

    I would consider myself as a semi- connected student. I will go out and research some information and use the computer and such. I use the information I found on the internet along with the information I receive in class or through the textbook. I can learn by reading, whether in books or online. Also, if I hear information or see it, and can usually remember it for long periods of time.

    I think that if the school allowed students to get on iTunes U, then that would give students an extra resource. iTunes U has lectures and classes from famous professors from the best colleges in the world. Students can have accurate and interesting information. Also, YouTube can provide wonderful information. Some lectures and classes are also posted on there. It’s not just for entertainment.

    Creating an information dashboard would allow me to access websites and information that I found earlier and want to use when I get home. I wouldn’t hate researching quite so much. With a tool like this, my projects would probably turn out better, because all my information is sitting there. I’m not hunting around for the same information that I found a couple hours before. Therefore, I have more and better information present in a paper. Also, I wouldn’t have to use little notes everywhere that remind me of homework, and hope that I’ll see them. I’d have more time to relax before I go to bed.

  4. Megan D. says:

    1.I do not think that I’m a network student quite yet. I write and do most of my work on paper, unless I have to write a paper. It’s more quick and easy to type a paper then it is to write. However I use facebook so in a way I do social networking. I’m mostly a visual learner. I cannot remember stuff as easy, usually I can write it down and then be able to go back and learn what I wrote.
    2.I think that it would be a lot easier to write papers that you need research for if we were able to access more things. For instance YouTube. I would much rather listen to someone tell me about the certain topic or show me about the topic. In the video the boy mentioned how he could get tutorials on iTunes. It would be nice to be able to listen to those when there’s a day you don’t want to listen to your teacher drag on about a subject. Listening to different people helps me listen more and be more alert on the subject.
    3.I think that having my own dashboard would be cool. It would be different to look at something other than my documents. Having my own dashboard would allow me to have different things other than school things on there. Having a dashboard would let me have website links for my research. This would allow me if I was at school it would help access my research links from home. It would be easier to have them on a dashboard than to have all my links on a sheet of paper for me to type them into the address board. Overall having a dashboard would let me manage my time more and easier to access for school research at home.

  5. Chandler Hamby 4th says:

    I am a young networked learner. I know a few things about computers and the many tools that come with it, but I know I still have much to learn. I know how to get to something by going the long way around. I would like to learn the many shortcuts and the more time efficient way. I am very willing to learn more about blogs and other necessary knowledge to help me accomplish a task.
    One resource that I wish was available is youtube. The majority of videos on youtube can be educational.

  6. Eric Rhonehouse says:

    As a student, right now I see myself as an old school learner learning new school tricks. In many classes I have this year we are learning the computerized versions of gathering, noting, and organizing information; One class being Mrs. Lester’s, and the other being Mr. Fosters 7th. The idea of me being a networked student is comprehendible and within my reach as a learner. I can see myself in college doing the things Mrs. Lester and Mrs. Hamilton taught me. On the other hand, my computer web knowledge is mediocre, and I do not know all the tricks in locating reliable resources on the internet.
    There are a couple of internet resources that I know of that aren’t accessible at school. One being where I could post ideals that could get people thinking, and that would eventually help me in my studies. Another resource is where I could access videos of important informational documentaries from sources such as National Geographic, USA Today, CNN, and other news and information related sources. The possibilities with these online tools would be a great asset to my learning experience as a networked student in training. In this case I will have to do without, but I am 120 percent sure ill manage through it.
    That PLE video really got me thinking of the possibilities I can create for myself using the information dashboard. I myself am not a very organized person. Using the information dashboard, I could let the computer organize for me. That’s one less thing off my plate. Time management would be perfected even further through that program.

  7. Chandler Hamby 4th says:

    I am a young networked learner. I know a few things about computers and the many tools that come with it, but I know I still have much to learn. I know how to get to something by going the long way around. I would like to learn the many shortcuts and the more time efficient way. I am very willing to learn more about blogs and other necessary knowledge to help me accomplish a task.
    One resource that I wish was available is youtube. The majority of videos on youtube can be educational. Watching videos helps me more than hearing a teacher or speaker talk about it. Also, youtube is so well known that there are videos out there for any needed topic. Youtube can help me and many other students with its educational videos.
    Customizing my own dashboard would be very helpful. I can just go right to the needed subject instead of having to sort through a variety of subjects. I would have it designed just like the girl from the PLE video. I would have it split into different classes. I would love to have a program that allows us to choose what we have on our dashboard.

  8. Ellie D. 7th says:

    At this point in time, I am not a networked student. In the classroom, I have always learned in a very traditional “pencil and paper” type of way. It was never a very exciting way to learn. This year, I am hoping to become a more connected student and really learn about the new ways technology can change the way I learn. Last year, I learned how to use databases hosted by the school and Noodle TooIs. I am also active on social networks like Facebook, Myspace, and YouTube but I did not know there was a way to incorporate websites similar to these into school. I am also hoping that research will be a much less painful process. Ultimately, I am looking forward to becoming educated in a new kind of way which will result in a better grade.

    Many inaccessible websites could be useful during school. The one that stands out in particular is YouTube. Many videos on this website could be beneficial during some projects we will complete in the future. Even though I am not a networked learner, I have used YouTube videos in a few projects in the past. Also, many music websites are blocked at school. These websites could be another useful tool in projects. Other than those, I believe most things can be accessed and used in school.

    With all these resources at hand, I am very excited about this class. Having an information dashboard would really help me to become more organized. This would definitely allow me to use less time and energy on research projects. Really, finding any website or tool that could help me to keep organized and make everyday life easier would be worth becoming a connected student. It is amazing that a 7th grader can learn to do so many things on her computer. If she can do it, I know I will enjoy learning how to use these tools as well.

  9. Steven W. 7th says:

    I see myself as a visual and hands-on type of learner. I think I have many skills that resemble a networked student. I know how to find reliable sources and share new links with other students. Also, I have correctly cited information by using websites such as Noodle Tools. I believe all these skills are needed in order to be a networked student.
    It would be convenient to be to access websites that allow you to watch informational videos. Sites such as YouTube and Google Videos are sites that fall under this category. These types of resources are beneficial for the networked student. These sites painlessly can instruct and help students get work done efficiently. I feel that introducing new tools and resources would ultimately strengthen the learning process for any type of student.
    To create an information dash board for myself would be a great advantage for researching and staying networked. Also, a dashboard could organize many links into different categories. This would save a lot of time and work. This tool would make projects simpler by allowing me to check many different informational networks all from one website. I think that a dash board can help any student become a better networked student.

  10. Catie B. says:

    1) Right now, most of my classroom learning is done with pencil, paper, and textbooks. I did make a Google site last year for Current Issues, and that made writing and researching for current events a lot easier. It was also easier for my teacher to access and grade the assignments. Other than that, I’m not really a networked student. There are a lot of programs, such as Google docs, Google reader, and iTunes U, that I’ve never used, but I think that they could potentially be very helpful if used in the right ways.

    2). I think having access to Facebook and iTunes at school might be helpful. Facebook could be used to get in touch with people who are educated in topics I’m researching, and other students to compare notes and find our how they are learning things. iTunes components like iTunes U and audiobooks would also be extremely helpful in efficient researching. Students would need to know that using the programs is a privilege and that they needed to be used properly and in the ways they were intended for the class.

    3). I think creating a dashboard is a really great idea. Having a dashboard means you have one place to go to get to all the websites and programs. This way, you avoid a lot of useless web surfing and you don’t have to cut through a lot of useless stuff to get to the things you really need. Also, other students can get a good idea of what websites they might be missing by checking out their peers’ dashboards. I think the dashboard is a tool that would do me a lot of good.

  11. Jonathan B. 7th says:

    As of this point in time, I consider myself to be a visual learner; however, I believe that I do it best with technology. Mostly everything that I really get comes from technology interaction in some form or another. And, although I use technology constantly, I don’t consider myself to be a ‘networked’ student. In some ways I am, like when I use search engines and stuff, but I don’t think that qualifies as ‘networked’. I have used programs like noodle tools for projects before, and some say that that counts as partially ‘networked’. Regardless, it still does not change me to a ‘network’ student; I feel that I have used it insufficiently to consider myself ‘networked’
    As far as tools that I would need, there are several. YouTube, for instance, has several videos that could be used for beneficial research. Also having the freedom of the internet, with minimal restrictions would be great, due to the fact that several sites that have potentially good information are blocked for various reasons. An example of this would be blog sites, sites like this current one that normally would be blocked under the category ‘online communities’. The thinking behind this is that if people could see what others are saying, they might be able to get a better understanding of a topic, and see all sides of an argument through these sites.
    When I personally saw the PLE dashboard, I thought that it was an excellent idea. I think that it was a great way to store information, and be able to find it again easily. Normally, when I’m on the computer, I have several different things up at once, at least four. It gets annoying to go from one thing to another for a different thing, and not having any organization to it. If I had something like that dashboard, this would be much easier. Then when I do stuff like research, I have a way to easily document everything, and keep things organized and easier to find.

  12. Rachel G. 7th says:

    1. At this point in time I learn using technology sometimes not as much as learning from talking about the subject and taking notes with pen and paper. I do not use social networking sites to learn nor do I use much online just when I need to learn something that was not gone over in class. I do not believe I am somewhat networked, I do have to email my teachers assignments and to ask them specific questions when I can’t ask them at school. The reason I am not very networked is because I have never really tried to use many of the things shown, I also prefer to be able to have the notes in my hands and know where I can easily access them without having a computer.
    2. Resources that would be very helpful but can’t be accessed at school would include YouTube. This site can be very useful at times because many valuable sources that can include some colleges. These videos can include lectures and experiments that can help with research papers. Also it can be videos of how to do what is in question, as long as it is from a reliable source.
    3. An information dashboard seems very useful and easy to organize for all classes. For me to create one would be interesting and the dashboard hopefully will help. Although I don’t know if I would want to have to go on to the internet every time I have do to school work. Although, the dashboard would help me organize information and easily research on the topic. As for time management it would shorten my time on the paper but not sacrifice any of the quality.

  13. Casey B. 4th period says:

    I do not feel that I am a networked student. I am very traditional and would much rather handwrite a paper and turn it in. I do not get on the Internet very often other than to look up research for a paper or project. I also do not like blogging very much. But I am open to change and believe that it would be very beneficial to become more of a networked student.
    I am not really sure what resources or tools are necessary to be a networked student. I am also unaware of all of the resources available at the school. I think definitely the Internet is an essential source but that is readily available to any student in the school. Anything can be done using the Internet. As a student, I think using the Internet for more things is a good way to stay more organized and have more information in a smaller amount of space. However, I think we should stay away of becoming too dependant on the Internet.
    In the PLE video, the girl told us about the information dashboard that she created. Personally, I would not like to create and use one of these myself. I do not always have Internet available at my house and it would be difficult to get to my things and work on them if they were all on this dashboard. However, I think it is a good idea in general. I think it would keep things more organized and look neater. It would also be easier to locate information and put quickly into our projects, papers, blogs, etc.

  14. Sloan A. 4th says:

    Learning is something every student accomplishes whether they want to or not. I see myself as an accomplished learner; I pay attention in class and ask questions if I need to. Network students may set up a blog, a wiki, subscribe to blogs, and read their textbooks online. I however am not a network student. I basically only use the computer for projects, research and socializing.
    One tool that I could see myself using to become a better network student is youtube. Youtube has tutorials on almost everything you can imagine. With having access to youtube I could find videos on whatever I am learning about at the moment, which will show me better then any teacher could explain it. Also, we could use some of the videos for projects to get our topic through to the class in a more efficient manner. Youtube would be a great addition to our student body because it shows real event that have been recorded.
    Informational dashboards are basically on online organizational corkboard. I personally would love to make my own informational dashboard. One of the great things about the informational dashboard is that you are able to organize it any way you want. I really enjoyed the device that the girl from My Plea! used to take notes with. That device would be great for research projects; I could store all of the websites I was using for my project and then come back when I needed to make a work cited page. An informational dashboard would make high school a lot easier to handle.

  15. Alex K says:

    Blog Response
    Alex Koetter

    At this point in time I consider myself a hands-on learning student and I have to interact one on one with my instructor to actually contemplate what I’m being taught, other wise the information becomes useless to me. To my dismay I am NOT a networked student. To be honest I made a Gmail account last year in French and never used it once over the summer. I usually don’t keep up with school when I’m not attending it. I do though connect with fellow students I befriended at school through facebook, granted I know facebook is not school related. I also respell technology. I broke one of the vending machines once. Of course I didn’t mean to, but again, I’m not good with technology, therefore I do not like it and having to do all this stuff on the computer for school just doesn’t really reach out to me. I’m not compelled to want to work with computers, but I guess I have to learn fast.

    Upon reading the next question to helping spring up some ideas about this blog response, I realized I really don’t use any tools for school until I’m told to do so. I’m hardly skilled with noodeltools! And most of my friends are and I just can’t grasp all this online stuff. I’ve never heard of Google docs before today! The only think I use that’s mainly online is facebook. But I’m sure with a little compassion to learn I’ll figure all this out I guess. I’ve never been much of an outgoing person when it comes to school, but I am when I have to be. Usually the teacher, or my friends, has to lead me through step by step on how to do stuff with the computer in class.

    I think creating my own information dashboard would be a little stupid because I rarely get on the computer. It may organize info, but if I’m never on then I’ll never use it, thus it would not help me in the long run which I’m actually focusing on at this point in my chaotic teenage life. BUT when it comes to research projects I have been known to put things off until the last minute because I’m so disorganized, but again, I rarely get on my computer for this kind of stuff. I have a glogster saved from when I had to do a research poster for bio, and I don’t use it anymore, but I’m familiar with the site so that’s any site I know we have to use in school. So in my opinion, I believe with my non-savvy computer skills and lack of experience I think it’s going to be hard to keep up with an information dashboard. So, wish me luck!

  16. Julia D. says:

    At this point in time, I do not see myself as a networked student. Growing up, I have learned a very traditional “pencil and paper” way. Although I know about Google and other information databases, I am very unfamiliar with how to use and navigate them. Some programs mentioned in the “Networked Student” video such as Google docs, iTunes U, Google Reader, and Google Scholar are brand new to me. By becoming a connected student this year would be extremely beneficial in making researching less strenuous. I am looking forward to becoming informed about the new technology available online and the tools a networked student has that I lack.
    Several websites are currently unreachable at school that could be valuable in becoming a more networked student. The one that I believe that would be most useful to students is YouTube. Sites like this would be helpful to incorporate into future projects. It gives students another approach to learning about a topic instead of just databases. Not only would it provide basic information on a subject, but also students could view other people’s opinions and viewpoints on certain issues. If YouTube and other blocked websites were available to students at school, it would make research more interesting and constructive.
    I think that making an information dashboard would be a great idea for projects and time management. Although creating and using a tool like this would be different from what I am used to, I think it will be beneficial for organizing information from several different sources into one spot. When you have various different windows opened up at one time, it gets difficult to keep track of all of them. It would be structured and save a lot of time on research projects. It also allows you to check numerous information websites all from one location. I think that a dashboard similar to the one in the PLE video would be extremely helpful in the future for students to become a more connected learner.

  17. Berkley F. 7th says:

    At this point, I see myself as a visual learner. I am a networked student in a few ways. I use Facebook and Twitter. In the past, I have used Noodle Tools and many other databases the school has to offer. I have my own Glogster account, and a blog. I have also listened to some of the free podcasts ITunes currently has. However, I’ve not used many of the resources found in the Networked Student video.
    YouTube would be an amazing resource to have access to at school. There are so many videos that contain valuable information relevant to numerous subjects. Facebook would be beneficial to help us keep connected. There are many useful groups and pages on Facebook with good information. If we had had access to these two websites new information would be readily available.
    I found the dashboard to be very interesting. I would like to make one. It would nice to have all the resources you need altogether. It would make research much faster and organization so simple. Projects and assignments would be much easier to accomplish with everything I need on the dashboard.

  18. Spencer L. says:

    At this point in time I see myself as learning through many tools and resources. I use email and different resources to build up knowledge of various subjects so I can teach other people the things I know. I also use Noodle tools to site my sources. Just recently a have created a Facebook account. I can connect with my friends and family to learn things that I wouldn’t in school. Whenever I am interested in a topic I use the internet to find all the information I need.
    The resources I would need are YouTube and Facebook so I can become a more connected networked student. These resources can help me connect to the rest of the world and learn from people in other countries. YouTube also has many educational videos that can be very helpful.
    I think creating something like that would help me understand how to use some of the newer tools out on the internet. I also think I would become more organized in my school assignments and always be up to date on events. Research projects could become easier with all this technology at my fingertips. Managing my time and school work could all be planned out better and as a result helping me stay on top of things.

  19. Autumn J. 7th says:

    1) I see myself as a listening learner, because when I am in a classroom I use observing skills to educate myself in that particular class. In addition, I consider myself a learner that uses technology to gain knowledge of many subjects that interest me. I am a networked student in some ways because I do use technology in many of the activities we do in class to learn. Networked students also use many forms of technology to gather information, and so do I. For example, I use networks such as Google, YouTube, and many virtual textbooks to accomplish my tasks in school. However, I also believe that I am not a networked student in some ways. Even though I use several types of technology, I also use pencil, paper, and common knowledge. In the classes that I excel in, for instance, I use more of my brain than of the resources around me.
    2) There are many resources in school that could be vital to the learning experience that are not accessible. Such as social networks like Facebook and YouTube. Facebook and YouTube would be a great resource to learn by, because many scientists post videos and reports online on these networks that are not accessible by any other form. Skype would also be a useful resource, because we could video chat with experts in many different fields needed for education. Ultimately, many resources at school are not accessible that could be very helpful in learning the information that is needed.
    3) I think that creating an information dashboard would be very difficult, because I have never actually made one before. However, I believe that creating this will be a great learning experience, and it will also be a great tool if created correctly. An information dashboard would help incredibly useful in my life for many reasons. For example, it would be very easy and convenient to find not only stuff for school but stuff in my personal life as well. In addition, it would be a great place to keep organized so I would always know where everything is when I need it.

  20. Austin D, 4th says:

    As a student I see myself becoming more of a networked learner as I get more and more involved with computers and their programs. I don’t think I am completely a networked learner yet because using computers to learn like this is still fairly unfamiliar to many people. As more people learn about it I believe it will be the best and only way to learn.

    2. I know that iTunes and YouTube, although being the sites they are also have very educational videos, podcasts, apps etc. that would be of great use to students. It’s also a more interesting and more fun way to learn. I think it would help students to learn because it’s more interesting and students would pay more attention to it and get more out of it.

    3. I think creating my own PLE would help tremendously with my homework and time management. I would be more involved and on top of my school work and it think my work would improve with that.

  21. Madeline R. 7th says:

    Through all of my years of education, I have discovered that I love to gain knowledge. Usually, I learn best by seeing something; I can easily recall information if I have read something with graphics. Because I am an avid and visual learner, I frequently surf the web to look at topics that have taken my interest or confused me during the course of my day. Even though I consider myself a great learner, I believe that I am not a very “networked” student; I do not communicate on the web with other people through MySpace or Facebook, nor do I own a blog to share with the online community. Also, I do not have a program, such as Feed Demon, that provides me with updates on certain websites. However, I do occasionally chat on Gmail and use a variety of databases for research. Even though I believe that I am not a very networked student, I desire to become a more networked student.
    To become a more networked student at school, I need access to more resources. Some of the tools and resources that would help me excel are blocked at school. For example, blogs are blocked at school. If blogs were not blocked at school, I would be able to go on to scientists’ blogs to look at their research or scan a historian’s blog for information on an event. Another resource that would be very helpful to have at school is ITunes. Lectures and podcasts on ITunes would provide me with scholarly information and opinions from trustworthy people. Both of these tools would provide me with better information and more information for my research.
    With all of my resources and tools, an information dashboard, like in the PLE video, would be very useful. On the dashboard, all of my resources would be easily and quickly accessible. I would spend less time looking for informative sites because I would have excellent sources already. If I already had most of my sources, I would manage my time better for homework and school projects. I hope to become a better student by learning to become a networked student.

  22. Lauren M. 4th says:

    I believe that I am not much of networked student at this point in time. I do use online resources and databases to gather information and I use programs such as Microsoft Word to make finishing school assignments easier, but I don’t use the computer for much else related to school. Many times, I prefer creating notes on paper instead of typing them on the computer or simply reading the information. One of the ways that I’m not networked is that I only use the learning resources at school. I frequently don’t check the websites that are supposed to keep me organized.
    There are several resources that we do not have access to at school that could be beneficial. One of these is Facebook, which would allow us to keep up with things we need to do easily. A class page would allow us to keep track of what is going on in the class and we could discuss class related topics on a discussion page connected to the class page. Another resource that would be helpful is Youtube. Youtube has many informational videos in addition to the entertainment videos. We could use these videos to help gather information for assignments and projects.
    I think creating a PLE dashboard would be very helpful. I like the idea of having all of your resources available in one easy to find place. However, I probably would not check the dashboard other than times we use it in class, unless there was a mobile version for iPods. I am a heavy iPod touch user, so something like that would be very useful for me.

  23. Darby -7th says:

    Right now, I see myself learning best by experiencing it. I have to perform an actual task to fully understand what I’m learning. For example, I do best in science after we actually perform the lab, because I’m gaining hand-on-hand experience with what we’re learning at that moment in time. Yet, I do see myself as a somewhat networked student. After school, I use plenty of technology. Sometimes, I use other programs on the computer for school work that some people have never heard of, such as the Glogster program. But as I found out yesterday from the videos, there are plenty of programs that even I have never heard of. These unknown programs usually are the more complex programs that use one on one training, which qualify me to be not fully “networked”.
    I really think YouTube is a valuable resource we could use at our school. There are plenty of real informational accounts making school-approved videos that are tremendously helpful to any kind of project or assignment we are given. Ms. Hamilton even used it to show us exactly what networked/connected students are! I really think if we were allowed to use YouTube at school, then grades would improve. Not only would it do that, but most people would enjoy watching a video rather than reading a boring article about it. Some people learn by listening and watching, like me, and YouTube would really help for those people. Also, by actually watching things rather than reading them, it gives people more of a learning experience by having real proof that the topic covered is actually true.
    I really believe creating an informational dashboard would be very useful for school projects and assignment given to me. I actually have one for my own laptop at home, and it helps me a lot by keeping all of my top websites organized. But, if I created one for school, it might help me a lot more than home because I won’t ever forget any resource or website that was valuable to my assignment/project. This way, it’ll actually be fun because I enjoy organizing and keeping things tidy. If I were to create a dashboard like this, I’ll save tons of time by just clicking my resource’s button rather than spending forever typing the website name into the URL. I know I would really enjoy creating a dashboard like this, and I know my grades would increase if I could reduce any extra time just typing to get where I need.

  24. Jessica C says:

    At this point and time, I do not consider myself a “networked student”. With this said, I am not completely inadequate when it comes to using the computer for learning. However, I do prefer more traditional means of finding information. To some degree I could be considered a “networked student”, because I have a Tumblr account and like most teenagers, use a Facebook account on a daily basis. Through school I have been introduced to online tools for writing research papers, such as, Noodletools and online databases. This year I expect to become a”networked student”, enabling myself to better navigate and organize while researching online.
    I am unsure which tools should be accessible to the student body. Although I am not very familiar of what is currently accessible to the student body. Of course the Internet is widely available and used by a vast majority of the student body. I do feel the Internet is a great resource and can significantly change the way we learn. While the Internet is becoming more common place in school I still feel traditional learning is valuable as well.
    I think the PLE is a great way to aid learning in school. A PLE dashboard seems very simple and user friendly. Creating a dashboard comes across as a way to make the time I spend on school projects more efficiently used. Because of the simplicity and the fact that I can keep my dashboard organized I have confidence in my ability to create and maintain a PLE. This would help with projects because of the ease at which saving and storing information is done, as well as drastically lower the amount of time need to find already saved information.

  25. Mary Kellan C says:

    1.At this point I see myself as hands on learner. I have to do everything myself to get the feel of how things work. As far a being a network student I don’t think I am. I have the potential and the basic knowledge but I am not up to date on everything. In some ways like typing papers and doing some research on the computer, I am somewhat a network student. I am not a network student in the way where I create my own websites and knowing shortcuts that could be helpful. So for the most part I am old fashioned.

    2.At school it would be really nice to access YouTube. With the program videos produced by others is a good way to find information. There are many credible users who produce videos that have been well researched. There are also many seminars and classes that are posted, that is an alternative way of learning and getting the information needed. Facebook and Skype would also be nice to have. They are both communication programs. Skype would be nice to have so we could talk to people who don’t live near us. Facebook would be helpful because it would be easy to follow teachers and assignments by events and pages that would be easy to create.

    3.I think creating a dashboard would be a great idea. Spending so much time on the computer for this class anyway, it would make it easy to keep everything in order. Time management with papers and projects is a major problem. Having something to keep you in order and on schedule would be a great tool. I also think it would be useful to keep your ideas straight and websites in order. I love the fact that the site saves the URL and you can go back to it at any time. That comes in handy when it comes down to bibliography.

  26. Ben says:

    I don’t think I am a networked student. I don’t get on the internet much unless I’m using it to look something up. If I have a Lit assignment, I would rather write it by hand and then hand it to my teacher. I think that trying to use a lot of resources just gets complicated and takes a lot of time. I have also never blogged before because I have never really wanted to.
    I don’t think there are many things necessary for a networked student. So far, Google Search has been fine for me. I don’t really know about the resources at our school. Having to login to a website that only has “valid” pieces of information seems like a waste of time and information. I have been able to find great pieces of information with Google that I wouldn’t find on Galileo and those other sites. I think it’s a good thing that we have access to the internet at school; it helps us to find valuable pieces of Information. However, I also think that we are becoming too dependent on the internet.
    In the PLE Video, the girl showed us the dashboard thing that she made. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t use it. When I get on to the internet, I usually go straight for the URL box and type in the website I need to go to. Having a big dashboard that I would have to find links on would just confuse me. If we could have a dashboard on our desktop, with icons for folders, that would help me a ton. At my house I have all my school folders and internet links that I go to a lot right on my desktop and it helps me a lot.

  27. Meghan G. says:

    At this point in time I see myself as a pretty good networked student. I know how to use my resources and know which websites to visit to get more information. In my opinion, a good networked student is able to manage all their resources and is able to find more resources if need be. I think that because I’m able to use all these resources that makes me a good networked student. In some ways I’m not a networked student are not being connected to other people. When I am researching a topic i rarely go to other peoples’ blogs. This probably hurts me because that person may have had some useful information.

    At school I think we should be allowed to access youtube. Youtube has some educational videos that can help a student in their research. Youtube also may contain a video on what the student is researching that may be helpful. Another resource I think we should have is facebook. If you are on facebook you can follow other researchers pages. They may post something they believe is important on their facebook that may be useful to you.

    Using an information dashboard like they did in the video would be very helpful. If we had information dashboards we wouldn’t have to surf the web every time we were looking for something. Also, if we found something useful all you would need to do was put it on your dashboard and use it later. I believe this would help students keep their sources organized and it would enable them to have one place for all their sources. To add, this would save us useful time in trying to find past resources.

  28. Zach L. 4th says:

    1. At this point in time I do not see myself as a networked student. I like to do labs and physical activities that I can actually put my hands on to understand material. I like to go into a problem think about it, and use problem solving skills to compose solutions. I am networked only because if I forget to get homework or forget the assignments I ask people on facebook what the work was.

    2. At school if students could have access to youtube it would be helpful to the learning process. Youtube is full of helpful “how to” videos that could apply to every class. Youtube could also be helpful for giving out assignments; if a teacher were sick and she had a sub she could just play a video explaining what students had to do for that day.

    3. The PLE video was really interesting because it seems so easy to make your own page of sites you need. It’s not only for school but when you get home because the girl had FML and Facebook and other sites on there besides the research ones. It would be very helpful if we were able to set one of the PLEs up in a class one day.

  29. Sydney Solano 4th says:

    1. I do believe that I am a networked learner in many ways. I am an apple user. I own a Mac and iPod, and I do most of my non manual homework on the computer or over the internet. I use IBooks instead of reading the hard copies. I have been using a blog since the 7th grade, and am fully involved in the program. I use facebook regularly, although it is not school related, I am constantly using social networks to connect with my friends.
    2. Most of the tools needed for school assignments are provided for us at school. Tools like noodle tools, and these blog sites, get us the information and tools that we need to succeed in the class. Of course, YouTube is always helpful, because major corporations, scientists, and famous writers make videos for the world to see. And they post them on YouTube for today’s society to view and critique. I am not proposing that YouTube should be allowed at all times in the school, because there is inappropriate content that can be viewed. But, the site is very helpful in some cases and should be allowed for certain projects and/or occasions.
    3. Well, having my own dashboard would help me in many ways. It would most definitely keep me more organized. To me, it also seems more fun and gets me more involved in the 21st century technology developments. In conclusion, it would keep me organized and on task, as well as entertained and involved.

  30. Anna D 4th says:

    Anna Dunn
    8 August 2010

    A networked student is one who is actively involved on the web and participates in learning through a social network with many different connections. In some ways, I am a networked student, but in many ways I am not. Just like most other students here at Creekview, I use the Internet and its many helpful resources for information and research. Along with that, I created my own website in a previous class and posted assignments on it to be graded. However, unlike the majority of my peers, I do not have a Facebook or any other social network account. I am not a networked student in the fact I do not have an identity on the Internet, and I am not actively involved on the web with my learning.

    Because I do not have an identity on the Internet, I need to create a positive face for myself. In order for me to learn, I need access to many different information databases and the ability to properly manage them. Once given these tools and resources, managing my learning will be much easier. Although I will be given access to much more information, I am unsure of how it will affect my learning. With all the information that I will acquire, it will be difficult to find what is useful for this class and then apply the same method to my other classes. As long as I continue to stay organized and not become overwhelmed by this new learning method, I think it could have a positive effect on my education.

    An information dashboard could prove to be helpful in managing assignments. This concept of being so involved on the web is foreign to me. I have excelled in more traditional methods of teaching, and I have already learned to manage my assignments and balance my school life with sports. However, having my own information dashboard could help my time management even more. With everything I need to access all in a single place, it would be much easier than pulling up multiple different sites and trying to switch back and forth between them while simultaneously making sense of all the information. This would also make research projects much more convenient because all of the information would be in one easily accessible location. With all the new technology and different methods of learning, being a student in the 21st century will be a challenge.

  31. Jacob H. 4th says:

    1. I would definitely consider myself as a networked student. I am constantly using the internet for school/homework. Whether its for research, writing a paper, or getting ideas, the internet always has my back. I would rather type a paper rather than write it. I have a high knowledge of computers and internet so that adds to my advantage. I have a lot to learn, including more online resources, blogging, etc.

    2. I honestly believe there are several sites and sources that would help me out a lot. Those include Facebook, Youtube, and Itunes U. Facebook, because you could chat with your fellow peers and get information from them, or ask them a certain question, we also could communicate better. The teacher could post the assignment online and give directions for it. Youtube, simply because of the wide variety of videos. There are a lot of information that would definitely help me out. Itunes U, because you could watch college professors give lectures, and obviously that would be extremely helpful.

    3. Having a personal dashboard would be very helpful. Viewing things would be a lot different to view, other than just my documents. Having a dashboard would allow me to have out-of-school things on there also. Having my dashboard would mean that I could have all my links for my projects. In conclusion, it would definitely help me out and also be interesting to see how everything works out.

  32. Emily M says:

    I see myself as a mostly pen and paper learner because that is the only thing I have been able to be so far. Because of being in class this past week, I feel more like a networked student. For one, making an iGoogle has opened many doors. Also, having all of my assignments online is nice because I can’t lose it. I think that I still have to get used to going online and finding all my assignments, though.

    I believe it would be very nice to be able to access Facebook at school so we could easily visit the media center page. Also, Youtube would help for research and even for putting videos in projects. iTunes would help by inserting songs into projects. It could even help to focus a student. Having access to these sites could increase students’ ability to be “networked”.

    For now, I think the PLE was very crowded. I think I might get confused by seeing so many little squares. I may be able to get used to it in time. If I was doing a project, it would be nice for remembering websites. It would even be nice for creating and managing projects.

  33. Emily H. 4th says:

    At this point in time, I see myself as an effective learner. I am a networked student in some ways, but I am not very good with technology. I use facebook, but not very often. I have a twitter even though I rarely look at it.I have two email addresses, but I constantly forget to check them. I know few sources, but I know enough to get the information I need. I know that I could learn a lot more.

    I don’t know of many databases, but I am sure that I have plenty of resources at home. I won’t know what tools and resources I need until I know what I need to resaerch. I do know that I do not have word or powerpoint. I do not have any of the microsoft tools at home. I’m not sure what resources I can get to at school that I can’t get to at home. Any resource or tool is helpful if it helps me to learn.

    I think an information dashboard would be very helpful. Having all of the resources I need in one location would help me to get all of the information I need. I would be able to check each resource for the information I need without forgetting which resources I had. I would also make it easier to get to those sources because they would all be found in the same place. I wouldn’t have to waste my time searching for sources when I have multiple resources at my fingertips. I would enjoy having an information dashboard to help me sort out all resources and tools I would need to work on research papers or projects.

  34. Brandon Wright 4th says:

    Right now I see myself half networked and half not networked. I am networked because I use the internet for almost everything I do. I’m constantly using the internet for papers, projects, Facebook, Youtube etc. When it comes to papers I would much rather type and research the topic then have to check out books and write it. Whenever I need something I go straight to the internet and everything I need is right on my screen. In contrast, I am not a networked student because I hate when the teacher says we are only allowed to use online database rather than search engines. I would much rather use Google or to search for the facts I need.

    There are many sites blocked at school that would help aid me in my writing, such as,, and project Facebook is a great way to share ideas with classmates and even teachers. It is also very fast when you need to ask someone a question. Youtube is great when you are searching for a very in-depth topic. There are thousands of videos on Youtube that would help me in my writing. Project playlists is a site that you can stream music on. I’m honestly not sure if it is blocked at Creekview but I know at Creekland it was. This site is great because everyone loves to listen there music while doing anything.

    I would enjoy making my own dashboard because I think it would definitely help me out. I would really like having everything right there in front of me rather than scrambling around the web to find it. Not only will it organize everything for me, but it would also help me in my time management. I could also view stuff I usually cannot view at school. I think this would be a great experience for Ms.Lester’s 10th grade lit classes.

  35. ben f says:

    At the current time, I see myself as a semi network student. I use the computer, and the Internet in just about all of my assignments, but I don’t do every single thing on it. There are many thing in which I would rather just do it by hand, rather than go through the process of using a computer. The major problem with a completely networked student is that you are completely dependent on technology. Technology, as we have seen time after time, can fail, cutting away all of your resources. All and all, I personally think its OK to be a networked student, but I also think that you need to have basic, non technology based skills as well.

    Some of the tools I would like to see would be sites such as YouTube, and some music websites. While these sites may cause more harm than good, they also have many resources that could could greatly benefit a students ability to learn. Music is a huge part of the world today. Many people get inspiration from music. Many artists in the world use music to reflect on the issues of the world, as well as sharing their opinions on a wide range of subjects. YouTube, while at times a major annoyance, has many educational videos covering a wide spectrum of topics, and subjects. It, with a little self-control, would be a great educational tool. along with other sites such as facebook, wiki pages, ect. I would love to see You tube used in school as a major learning tool.

    I think that creating a personal dashboard is a great idea, for both educational, and recreational use. Whenever I do a project, it has to be organized. Without organization, the project falls apart. Plus, I could see myself using the dashboard later on in my educational career. It also seems like it would make research, and other aspects more fun, easier, and allows a lot more creativity. I would love to be able to use a dashboard, and really hope we get to make one soon.

  36. Justin P. 4th says:

    1. I see myself as a normal learner I dont go out of the way to get the best information, I just find enough to make it. I condider myself a networked student only because I am constantly using internet for school or for fun. I am very familiar with all of the search engines and websites out there that give links to blogs for different subjects.

    2. To be honest most of the websites that the schools supply actually I found out are not the best links. It seems that you find more information just using google then compare the websites and see the different ways it can be introduced. The school does block facebook whis has many companies and comments on topics. Facebook would help in the fact that billions of people use it and you can get different points of view on different subjects.

    3. The PLE video really showed a great way to keep your information on one spot. I think creating my own information dashboard would help me greatly in all subjects. This keeps all information you need in one place which is an extreme time saver, you dont have to keep switching back in forth between documents and tabs. You could also put all projects here which is easy to acess. Overall if this could be done it would be used by billions of people around the world.

  37. Ryan Z says:

    I see myself as someone who learns best by reading informational books and by listening to teachers. I am not really a networked students, as in I’m kind of an “old-fashioned” student. I’ve used databases such as Gale and Noodletools before, but I haven’t used much more than that. I’m aware that there are other technological features available to help me learn better. However, I was never taught about any of these features before last Friday.

    I’m not sure what features I can and can’t access at school. The first one that pops in my mind is Facebook, but I’m not sure exactly how it helps with school. I believe everything that I need I can access at school. All the other features are probably not real essential as in there are probably other features that do the same things. Any feature would make me a more networked student anyways.

    I think creating my own informational dashboard would be pretty sweet. I love being lazy and to have everything at one place would be awesome. I’m looking forward to creating something like that. Its also amazing that a seventh grader did all of that. Having a dashboard like that would make life so much easier in all my classes.

  38. Amanda S. 7th says:

    1. I don’t think that I am a networked student yet. I do use the Internet for research but other than that I really don’t use it. I do use noodle tools but only when I have to. I am not really familiar with all of the programs that are out there that can help me become a networked student. I also like using books if they are available.
    2.I think that if the school would stop blocking a lot of the sites that we try to go on we would be able to do more research at school. You Tube, for instance, is blocked and I think it could be beneficial to have access to that site. iTunes U could also be beneficial because students could listen to different teachers talk about one subject and they could find a teacher whose lecture’s help them the most.
    3.I think it would be really helpful if we made dashboards like that. It could help us be more organized with our school work. It would also help us with research if we have certain links on our dashboard. That way we could get to the links faster and have more time to write the paper. I don’t think that I am a networked student yet. I do use the Internet for research but other than that I really don’t use it. I do use noodle tools but only when I have to. I am not really familiar with all of the programs that are out there that can help me become a networked student. I also like using books if they are available.

  39. Alexandra C says:

    1. I see myself as a bored learner, one tired of getting things drilled into my head. I also see myself as somewhat networked. This is because I discuss things with my friends a good deal of the time. I think I’m not fully networked because I do not have an actual network with sites and everything. I also do not talk to professors and have been taught there is only one right answer. So, I suppose no, I am not networked.
    2. A better way to get networked would be to have access to facebook and youtube. These would be resourceful because of how many people are on both of these sites. Professionals of everything have a facebook. Youtube has a bunch of videos that will clear things up and help one to understand, and also has music to keep one focused. As long as the two aren’t abused they can be used as a learning source.
    3. It would be interesting if a hassle to create it. However, after it is there it would be useful and come in handy. It would be a neat way to organize everything in one place. Also, it would keep information and sites from getting lost in the wide internet. It would cut down on looking for things already found, and likely be helpful in general.

  40. Nathan B says:

    I am not a very connected learner. I use the internet for very recreational purposes. I use YouTube, Facebook, and Gmail almost daily. I use these sites to watch funny videos, and chat with friends. I have used the internet for learning purposes before. I used the databases the school provides, in previous projects. I have also used such things as Google sites and Glogster. I am not a connected learner but I can become a connected learner.
    There are many tools out there, many of which I have access to at school. We do not have access to every tool out on the web. The school system blocks a lot of these web sites. One of these we could use is YouTube to find educational videos or educational podcast. This would be the most important site for us to have access to.
    A PLE is somewhere a student can manage their life electronically. I think this is a great idea. A place where I can digitally see my calendar, projects, and other sites I visit would help really help make my life easier. This would help me remember assignments, and manage my time. I could benefit greatly from an information dashboard.

  41. 1. i feel that i am fairly networked. i love to site quotes from pages that i have learned fairly different and varied pieces of information. i will find pieces of information from sites like grolier, Google, and a few other different types of online encyclopedias. however i have just recently started organizing and citing my information on noodle tools.when i need information i most commonly turn to a digital database because i find even though the literature sources are more reliable i find it is out dated.

    2 i would feel more comfortable if we were allowed to USE more of the resources. it is understood that the class needs to use more reliable data. However the last time i was working on a large project we were not permitted to use but one recourse and it limited my pathways and creativity. i don’t think that more resources or tools are needed. it would be nice though to have more available resources.At home like maybe updated Microsoft would improve progress at home.

    3 i think that having a pool of information always available would be very helpful. you could spend time creating links with great sites that you could use. or when the time comes you need to make a paper you would have that information already stored. plus if you by any chance did two related projects than it would reduce the amount of research required for the second project. if that ever occurred than the previous information would already be available for the current project on your dashboard.

  42. ian M. 4th says:

    1. i feel that i am fairly networked. i love to site quotes from pages that i have learned fairly different and varied pieces of information. i will find pieces of information from sites like grolier, Google, and a few other different types of online encyclopedias. however i have just recently started organizing and citing my information on noodle tools.when i need information i most commonly turn to a digital database because i find even though the literature sources are more reliable i find it is out dated.

    2 i would feel more comfortable if we were allowed to USE more of the resources. it is understood that the class needs to use more reliable data. However the last time i was working on a large project we were not permitted to use but one recourse and it limited my pathways and creativity. i don’t think that more resources or tools are needed. it would be nice though to have more available resources.At home like maybe updated Microsoft would improve progress at home.

    3 i think that having a pool of information always available would be very helpful. you could spend time creating links with great sites that you could use. or when the time comes you need to make a paper you would have that information already stored. plus if you by any chance did two related projects than it would reduce the amount of research required for the second project. if that ever occured than the previous information would already be available for the current project on your dashboard.

  43. Sara 7th says:

    1) I see myself as a somewhat networked student, because I regularly use Gmail and many other networking programs. Several of the resources the school offers are helpful, but sorting them out to find useful information can be confusing. I am looking forward to learning how to screen resources to make sure they are reliable.
    2) Because I am a visual learner,You Tube would be a helpful resource. I would much rather have someone show me about a topic than listen to the teacher lecture about it. Internet access is limited to a few classes, so I don’t know of any other resources that would be beneficial.
    3) With limited time on the internet at school, keeping the dashboard up to date daily would be difficult. I worry that the time it would take to update it, would take away from the time I had to complete an assignment. However, using some of the dashboard tools could help organize and streamline the information collected for a specific research project. Also, practice with them could make me more comfortable and faster using them.

  44. Victoria B. 4th says:

    1.At this point in time I think I’m a networked student. I’ve definitely learned a lot about sources and networking sites in the past year from the Lit/Comp with Mrs. Lester and Mrs. Hamilton but also by my own self. Some things that I use for networking is Facebook, which I think is not only for social purposes but helps me get clued in on homework assignments, afterschool activity practice times, event dates, etc. I also have a YouTube account, which entitles me to subscribe to videos and make my own, which do not now. I’ve also learned a lot about Google Ad Sense, Google Blogger, and many other application and sites I’m interested in. Although I’m knowledgeable of many networking websites, I think what makes me not a networked student is just not using all these great sites to my advantage for research papers and assignments. From watching these two videos I think I’m definitely going to venture out and actually use the networking sites I’ve been researching for my next research project.
    2.The resource that I use the most that is not offered at the school is YouTube. Yes, I think this resource has a lot of valuable information that could be used for many things but I’m aware of the reason it is blocked. Of course, students will probably misuse this resource but given all the opportunities it offers this would definitely make researching a lot easier. Another tool that is not offered if I’m not mistaken is Picasa. I just started using this tool and it has made storing and editing pictures a lot simpler. As far as I know, you can and upload pictures and videos to an online album which could be in a lot of use for student projects online. I’m sure it had a lot of other uses that I still need to research that could be possible for student use at school.
    3.Actually, I sort of already have an information dashboard with Google Chrome. What it does is it has miniature tabs of the eight most used websites on my homepage, so instead of typing a web address I just click on the tab I want to go on. It is a bit different than the one on her PLE video but is the same idea. I think what I have now has greatly organized my resources and sites online. If it was like PLE video then it would probably be even better to organize and group sites together for different purposes. This would be a really sophisticated tool and could save a lot of time looking for websites instead of digging through several websites to find the one you’re looking for.

  45. Steven C. 7th says:

    I feel that I learn best through reading the material to myself and then synthesizing the information on my own. As of right now, I am not a very “networked” or “connected” student. I have only scratched the surface when it comes to combining learning with technology. I have only used things that almost everyone has for school. Noodle tools, the research databases provided by the school, nothing too advanced. I really liked the idea of the 7th grade girl’s dashboard with all of those icons to help her with her work. It was organized and I think that something along those lines would be great.
    The only website or tool that I can’t access at school that would be useful, in my mind, is YouTube. I think that YouTube could prove invaluable with all of the information videos and rips of TV shows that people upload. I am sure that there are interviews related to subjects that might be researched this year as well. The great thing with videos is that you can download them and keep referring to them much easier than text. It also would be more engaging. Reading something over and over again is much staler than watching it over and over.
    The dashboard would be incredibly useful to me as a student. It would not only help with organization, but also with keeping me focused on the task at hand. Sometimes starting where you left off with something can be hard, but with the dashboard everything is laid out nicely in front of you. Also, instead of trying to go through your e-mail and trying to find a link that you saved or some text that was important, you can save it right to your dashboard and it is so much easier to manage. Finding websites that are needed often, like this blog, will be a lot faster and improving productivity.

  46. Ashley P. 4th says:

    At this time, I think I am somewhat of a networked student because I am good at finding information that I need online. I know many good websites and search engines that I could use in my classes. I am on the computer for most of the day once I get home from school, so I am always connected to my teachers and peers. However, I am not a networked student when it comes to reading assignments because I like to physically read the book, not read a computer screen. Another thing that does not make me a networked student is that handwriting assignments helps me learn them. Though, sometimes handwriting then typing things helps me study twice as hard.

    Having access to YouTube would help with some assignments because there are many informational videos out there that we are not able to view. This would be beneficial because I am not able to view videos at home, due to a slow browser. Another good website would be Facebook because it would be easier to connect with students that we are working on projects with. Finally, I think iTunes should be available because there are many good lectures and videos available for us to us. The school blocks many websites that could be helpful, though they do not contain anything bad, for the most part.

    I think creating my own dashboard of information would be extremely helpful. It would keep me more organized and would help me improve my studies. It could help me with projects because I would have all the information I need right in front of me. This way I would not have to find them again every time I log in. Having a dashboard would help me with time management because I would see everything that I have to do and know when each part of it is due. I think this tool would be very beneficial to our class.

  47. gabriella pontoo says:

    I don’t think I’m a networked student as of now. Although I do use the internet for research, I never use it to the extent of which these students did. I do utilize some social networking websites such as Facebook and myspace. I don’t see how those websites tie into my education. Watching this video, I realized how unfamiliar I am with the benefits of technology in the classroom.
    I believe the school provides us with the right document and writing tools at school. As a student, I do think it would interest me more if i were able to learn in a more exciting way. Using websites such as itunes and youtube could me alot, especially because Im a visual learner. Not all students learn the same way and I think technology in the classroom is a great way for students to learn.
    Dashboards in the classroom would be very helpful. It’s a simple and easy way to maneuver and locate websites/data. Instead of having to remember and save the URL, everything will be laid out for you, which can be a real time saver. The dashboard wouldb’t be limited to just school work I could also use it to locate agendas and daily websites such as facebook. Overall, I think being a networked student is the way to go.

  48. Hannah R. 4th says:

    1. I see myself as an organized learner whether I am using a pencil or a keyboard. However, I am not much of a networked student. I have classmates and teachers that I go to for help or to check my work. But, my learning environment does not go much farther than that. I am more comfortable with the traditional learning system. Although I am willing to try new ways of learning.
    2. The key resource my school is missing is YouTube. YouTube provides many videos that are beneficiary to my school or personal life. Some videos help me better understand a matter or how to do or create something like the information dashboard. YouTube also has music and other videos that can help make learning a new topic interesting and fun. It helps to keep students connected to today’s issues and ideas.
    3. Creating my own information dashboard would be great. It allows a lot of information from different sites to be organized under one homepage. It keeps the display simple and ordered and I would be able to find a link with ease. I could easily add, delete, or rearrange links for projects, school, or recreational use. I like to be organized, so an informational dashboard would be helpful to me.

  49. MeaganP. says:

    In my opinion, I am a listening learner; lectures are the best way for me to learn. I also can learn by visuals, being shown how to solve a problem, but that is usually math. I see myself as someone who does not learn from just seeing or with hands on activities. I also learn better on my own, not with partners or in groups. I don’t necessarily see myself as “networked,” because I am not really a technology person. I am aware that I live in a generation of technology and computers, but I don’t learn well that way. Although, I am not opposed to “trying out” this new system of “networked” learning.

    At school we are required to do a lot of research on the computers, for things such as projects, papers, history reports, etc. But, that is really hard to do when you block everything! Internet sites like, YouTube, Google Images, Wikipedia, Face book, and many more are blocked enabling us from getting the research we need to gather. I can use YouTube, for many things in my research, like watching a national geographic video or discovery channel program. I know alot of people will abuse the ability to use these sites. But, you can atleast give the kids you trust with the sites, a password or something to let them in.

    Having an information dashboard would be a way more organized way to keep class work and papers. The videos helped me to understand how i was to go about being a networked student. It would be really cool to not have to research the same pages over and over again, i will have all the ones i need under one homepage only i can access. I love keeping my things organized so i think that an information dashboard would be really helpful to me.

  50. Amber R 7th says:

    I would consider myself a visual learner. I am some-what of a networked student, I used Mrs. Hamilton’s lib-guides a lot last year in my lit class. All our major project grades came from research papers and such. I am not a highly networked student though. I had rather use paper and pencils due to failure problems in my experiences.

    I think You-Tube would be a great resource to be able to use. Not only would it be a good reference but also for class projects, such as a class video assignment. I use You-Tube outside of school for instructional videos and for gathering specific information.

    I think the Dashboard would be a big help. It would allow you to see days in advance at just one click. It would also allow you to arrange a time schedule for deadlines, club meetings, sports games, homework assignments and test. I believe the Dashboard would be a research paper made easy. You would have every link you need at the tip of your finger.

  51. Jessica P 7th says:

    I don`t think I am a network learner. I do think I am a social networker though. I do research things I need to know, but I don`t have my own website. I would like to be a better network learner like the 7th grader in the second video. To learn the best it is easiest for me to get information and then teach it to someone or talk out loud as if talking to someone. I think that getting to use youtube at school would help me be a better network learner. I have found a lot of really good useful information on youtube. When I think about the PLE video I think that it’s a really good idea to have your own dashboard. I think that it teaches you more than how to be a network learner I think it also helps you learn responsibility. Having a dashboard would minimize the amount of time you spend looking things up and then forgetting where you found them. You could have it all right there and ready for you on whatever computer you logged on to. It would make transporting projects from home to school and back again.

  52. Aly C. 7th says:

    I believe that I have the ability and potential to become a great networking student. I am good at researching for projects, papers, and other things used in school, but when it comes down to being a computer or technical guru, I am not the best. On the other hand, social sites such as facebook, I am very talented. Social networking for me comes naturally and is easy, only because I am a daily user. Therefore, if I worked hard and constant on trying to be a good networker for anything other than social sites, I think I could become an excellent “networked student.”

    Schools usually block certain website that they feel could be a threat to students, when on the contrary they could actually help students learn more. Sites like Youtube could potentially increase student’s knowledge about school subjects, things they are being taught in the classroom, or any other things they could be studying at the time. Youtube could become a teaching device that could give tutorials on subjects that teachers are teaching to students. Along with Youtube, there are many more websites that could be good use to schools. These are the reasons why schools should give access to certain sites in order to give the ability for a wider learning range for students.

    If I had my own information dashboard, I would be relieved of many stresses relating to school. Making a site that I could keep my online schoolwork, maintain a calendar to stay on track, save websites in order to go back in case I want to research other topics, and much more. This idea could open so many more opportunities for me and expand my online knowledge. Making my own information dashboard would consist of keeping tabs of website shortcuts of which I have saved that I could easily access through my page, educational videos, papers I have written and saved, etc. I could also make tabs that could shortcut me to tools I could use for school, such as Noodletools, Grolier, Galileo toolbar, or any other resources that the Unquiet Library website contains. All these tools would be very helpful during my high school career, making it easier for me to do work for my classes.

  53. Cameron P. 7th says:

    1. Yes I consider myself a networked student. Although i like to write papers and take notes to keep myself organized I like to use Facebook and sometimes read blogs too. But I can also learn without a computer. I like both styles and they both help me learn and improve in different ways. Although using the computer keeps me organized and on top of things, I think networking is a lot more fun.
    2. I would love to use networking sites at school! Many people talk about how helpful it would be to be able to use Facebook and Youtube at school and I agree. On Facebook we could communicate about projects on other sides of the school! If we were allowed to use Youtube we could post projects and videos for the whole school to use and learn from.
    3. I think creating a PLE dashboard would be great. It could save time by keeping students more organized. Being able to get to important pages quickly could help us to be more efficient and organized. Personally i like to have all of my home pages and favorite sites in the same place so i think i would love a PLE dashboard.

  54. Macy W. 4th Period says:

    1. In this point in time I feel that I am a networked student. I feel I learn better when I have the freedom to do my assignments with the pace I feel comfortable with. I would rather learn different things on the Internet than I would coming from a book. Being able to connect with different people on the Internet and discuss different ideas is a good way of having a wide education and learning how to use websites, blogs, etc. In Some ways I know I’m a networked student because in previous occasions I’ve had to post blogs and use a good website called Glogster. I hope to stay a networked student in my previous years of high school!

    2. Even though I’m already some what of a networked student some road blocks get in my way. For example, certain websites holds my creativity back. I would like to be able to use the website Youtube to download videos on my projects and make it more exciting and easier for my classmates to learn. Also the website Facebook would be a nice way to take polls on certain ideas that I have. These tools would help me more as a learner because it would let me express what I really want to express in my papers, projects, etc. Youtube can also give me some information on things I want to know. For example, if I wanted to learn how to contact someone for their opinion on my work I could look up a video on the website to learn how. Even though I have some complications on the way I still can use the website Google to help me along the way!

    3. I think the PLE video was so convenient and an awesome tool to use for your work. If I had something like this I would be way more organized and would have a lot more fun with what I’m working on. The way everything just flowed in the video was almost if doing a project or writing a paper was piece of cake. Also if I had a tool like this it would help me do things a whole lot quicker than usually and it would help me with my time management skills. I know that if I had a informational dashboard like this it would help me so much more in making better grades and writing better papers!

  55. Megan B 7th says:

    1. Right now, I see myself as a hands on learner. I like to visually watch it being done, and then try it for myself to confirm my understanding. I do not think I would be considered a networked student because I do not learn everything on the computer. I have facebook, Gmail, and use Google, but I don’t use the computer as my primary learning resource. I can type well and get around easily on the internet and computer, but as far as creating websites and blogs, I am lost.
    2. I think the school blocks a lot of sites, limiting our research. To be a networked student, you seem to learn a lot online. As a hands on and visual learner, having a site like YouTube blocked prohibits the ability for me to watch something being done. I think allowing us on iTunes to listen to lectures would also be very helpful. As well as Skype, to video chat with people who may be able to pass down some knowledge that we would not be able to receive otherwise.
    3. I think creating a dashboard like that would be extremely useful and helpful. It would keep all my visited sites organized, so that I would not always have to search around for what I need. It would help me to become more organized while doing research projects, therefore allowing me to complete the project without any excess amounts of stress.

  56. Brad 4th says:

    1.I’m not a very connected learner. I dont really use the internet for anything except for Facebook and Youtube. Other then that I hardly ever use the internet.
    2.There are alot of webistes that we don’t have access to at the school. But the main website that I think we can use the most out of those is Youtube. This is because there are alot of usefull videos on that site.
    3.A PLE would greatly help me. It would help me organize everything that goes on in school electronically. This would help me remember about assignments that I need to get done quick. This would create a less stressful environment for me.

  57. Matthew L 7th says:

    1. I see myself as an average learner. I learn better visually and I am not organized well. I’m not very networked either. I have used noodle tools once which was last year, but i felt that it helped keep my project very organized. It really helped keep things order though. I don’t use any other networks to keep me organized because i don’t really know any.
    2. I just need to know what to use. I have no idea what to use to help me, but if I had them I would use them. I also think that things like noodltools help a lot. It really helps your organizational skills. Then if you ever have another project and you are not using something like that you will feel unorganized and will get more organized.
    3. It would really help unorganized people like me. That way when you check your dashboard you dont forget anything. If you have an icon for each class it will help you think about things that went on in that class. You may even remember about some homework that you wouldn’t have remembered about if you didn’t check your dashboard. I think that if there was a calender it would help a lot with time management.

  58. maran54910 says:

    1. I view my self as a student whom honestly know little about how to use the technology we are using in class. I am learning, well at least trying, to learn all of this. Yeah, I would say I am a connected student. I have connections with people all across the country and plenty of ones that are no where near america.

    2.I would say Facebook would honestly help spread my networking. Mainly because I could look under people with similar intrests. Then talk to them about how they tried doing somthing and if it worked well for them, or if it didn’t not.

    3. I think that the whole student body having a dash board similar to the one in the video would be a great idea. It would help student easily cess websites that they have found usefull in the past. I also wish i had one at my own house to keep trace of assignments that i often forget about so that it wouldn’t happen… As often.

  59. Bryce S. 4th says:

    1.) I’m not the best at the computer, but I tend to quickly figure things out. I already know enough to get by. I think I’ll be a somewhat reluctant yet willing learner. I have a Facebook and gmail account, but I rarely go on them. I have the connections, I just don’t use them. Since that’s the case, I would not consider myself a networked student. If I used those resources more, than yes, I would call myself that.

    2.) Nothing, I think. In fact, I can probably do more stuff at home than at school. What with all the restrictions and stuff. I think Facebook and Myspace and all that would be considered useful resources. If so, then yeah, I can only acess that at home. Im not one to get on those sights, anyway. If you have any other suggestions, that’d be great. iGoogle seems great, though, and I can get to that at school.

    3.) Well, I don’t know how to make my own desktop thing. Of course, if someone told me how to do it, it might work out. Although I’m not sure, because I don’t often like to try new things. It would keep things organized, though. Make it easier to find things. And everything would be right there. So yeah, it could be something to look into. However, if I can’t even figure out how to post this on the blog, how could I fugure that oout?

  60. Spencer L says:

    In the novel, Cry, The Beloved Country, there were many connections I had with the characters and story. I was surprised when Kumalo invites Absalom’s girlfriend to come and live with his family in Ndotsheni. I never thought that Kumalo was the kind of man to invite someone like that into his own house. Absalom’s girlfriend had three other lovers since she left home and she calls them husbands. I would think that Kumalo would be angry with Absalom’s girlfriend and Absalom because of what they have already done. But instead of being angry, he does the complete opposite and comforts her and gives her a chance to get out of Johannesburg and have a quiet life.
    At the beginning of chapter 17 I realized that Gertrude was acting a little weird and rude. I feel this way because Absalom’s girlfriend was laughing and Gertrude did not like it, so she told her she must not laugh like that anymore. That shows Gertrude as a messed up and almost twisted kind of person. I think it is because of what does in the Johannesburg. She is a prostitute and sells liquor so that probably means that she doing drugs for awhile. I think that it will be a long time before she recovers.
    “He went out of the house, and she followed him to the little gate. When he turned back to look at her, she was smiling at him. He walked on like a man from whom a pain has lifted a little, not altogether, but a little.”148. This passage stands out to me because it shows Kumalo and Absalom’s girlfriend at a happy point where things are working out. Kumalo was happy to hear that she really did love Absalom and wasn’t going to be just another lover. I think these kinds of things happen in real life all the time. When you are really down and you feel miserable, sometimes things happen and then we can tell ourselves that everything is going to work out and we just have to have faith.

  61. Jordan G says:

    At this point in time, I see my self as a well-rounded learner. I can successfully use the electronic resources available to me in a way that aids my learning. For example, I frequently use e-mail to send my class assignments too and from school. I also use e-mail to ask my teachers about homework and other various projects. I also love to use tools such as Wiki, Google, and Galileo, to scan the internet for information for my school work. I am able to easily search through the information and tell the difference between a reliable resource, and an unreliable one. But in some ways I am not very networked. The only blog experience I’ve ever had before was Xanga and Facebook. I also do not own an I-touch, so I’m not able to read my class books on the go.

    The only things that I cannot access very easily from the comfort of my home would be the teachers, and the school library. Sure, I can e-mail the teachers, but sometimes the message will get lost, or in the midst of 30+ other students, the teacher will not be able to answer me right away. I still believe that one on one conversations are better than e-mail too. Also, if I had access to the school library, then I would be able to browse numerous books that could help with my project. Instead I’m forced to run to the nearest library or jump on my computer and hit up Amazon. If I was able to access both of these from my home, my homework would be easier to accomplish on time.

    Creating my own information dashboard would be extremely helpful. It would help me organize all of my resources and keep me track of all my assignments. If everything I needed was neatly organized then I could save so much time. I would no longer have to search tirelessly through websites for what I wanted. Instead it would be right there, waiting for me. If I could arrange everything so nicely then I probably wouldn’t end up stressing out over assignments like I sometimes find myself doing now.

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