60 comments on “Reactions to Dateline NBC’s Winds of War

  1. Bryce S. 4 says:

    A statement that really stood out to me was when a Sudanese said they would stay in their country and die with their children. If I was in their position, I would do my best to flee the country! Then again, this is their home . . . It reminds me of a saying I heard, “This land is our home and our grave.” I suppose, when you feel so strongly about something, that you do whatever you can to fight for it, even at the cost of your life (as you can tell, I really love inspirational quotes). I’m also very inmpressed at George Clooney’s willingness to go to these countries. A lot of celebrities flaunt their status in obnoxious and seflish ways, but not him. Even though there’s no real relation between us, I’m very proud of him. I wish others would follow his lead.
    Of course I think the United States could and should be doing more! We’re not isolated; whatever happens in other parts of the world affects us too. Take the Lost Boys, for example. Many that survived fled to our country, and they came from Sudan! We have the ability to make huge changes in our world, we just don’t put out the effort. Maybe if we helped other nations, they would return the favor. If we continue to ignore the desperate pleas of fellow human beings, we are no better than Hitler or . . . politions.
    If I could, I would ask Clooney how I could help. I don’t have a lot of money, nor do I have a specific talent, but I would be willing to offer my services in any way they are needed. I believe that even the smallest of things can lead to something big. Five bags of rice could feed a village’s people for weeks. Even someone like me could cause a huge differenve in someone’s life, without even having to meet them!

  2. Chandler H. says:

    • The main idea that jumped out to me was that how poor the Sudanese are. Also, it was very clear that the majority of military power lived in the northern region of Sudan. It was sad to hear the southern Sudanese people tell how they cannot even sleep in peace because they never know when an attack is going to begin. The southern Sudanese people live their life everyday in terror.
    • I think the US is doing all they can at this point. If the US tries to calm the northern region too much, then it might irritate the leaders and might begin to attack. It is a tough situation right now because Obama has to be careful what he chooses to do and must consider the consequences for his choices. Although, the Sudanese people could also have to pay for the choices that Obama makes. I think he is playing his cards right for now.
    • I would ask George Clooney, “Why do you choose to focus so much on other countries when the people in US have just as bad problems?” I would ask him that because we must first clean ourselves up before we can go around to other places. The US is supposed to be a good place for foreign people to start over. The US needs to be helped before other countries.

  3. meghan2009 says:

    One statement that really stood out to me from the video is when they said that the children didn’t have food but had guns. I think that it is horrible that not only were these children forced to fight and kill but also that they weren’t given the things they needed to survive such as food or clothing. Also, what really stood out to me was the fact that kids in Sudan really want to go to school. Here in the United States I think because wear entitled to our education we don’t see the value in it. It never crosses our mind that one day we won’t have a school to go to or the only school close to us is five hundred miles away. In Sudan it is a privilege to be able to go to school and if they are able to go to school they value it. Watching this video made me realize that so many things in Sudan are great privileges that in the United States we take for granted.
    After my research on Africa I believe that the United States and President Obama should take a greater interest in fighting for peace in Sudan. We already spend three hundred million dollars sending relief to Sudan and that amount will only increase if there is a war. Also, we obtain a lot of the oil we use in the United States from Sudan. If Sudan were to be in war oil prices would go up and it would affect every America whether it is for gas or for their home. In addition, it would be the right thing for the United States to facilitate in the peace talks in Sudan because it would help many of the people of Sudan who would be affected by the war. In the video one of the towns in southern Sudan was burned to the ground and many of the people were murdered the last time there was a war between northern and southern Sudan. It would be horrible if this were to happen again. I think it would be a good thing for the United States to take a greater interest in fighting for peace in Sudan because it would not only help the people of Sudan but it would also help us.
    One question I would pose to George Clooney would be, why did you choose Sudan to help? I want to know this because there are so many issues in the world and so many other countries in Africa that need help. Many of the issues that are in other African countries are happening right now, while Sudan’s problem won’t really happen till January. I am interested in why he didn’t pick a country that needed help already.

  4. Maria Thompson says:

    Dateline’s cover of George Clooney’s trip to Sudan was informative. I had no idea that Sudan was on the verge of having a civil war. Clooney’s immense efforts to improve Sudan’s conditions stood out to me. It did not at all seem as though he was going to Sudan as a publicity stunt. He genuinely cares about bringing Sudan’s situation to light, and bringing them help from the United States.
    I believe that their is a need for help in Sudan. However, I do not believe that the United States is in the position to help them. Right now with the current economic state, it would hurt the U.S. to enter Sudan. We already have troops out in the Middle East trying to create peace. Therefore, we are not ignoring the need for peace, but we do need to attempt to help our current economy before we take on anymore tasks.
    If I could ask George Clooney one question it would be, why does Sudan stand out against all other countries in Africa? He seems to have an urge to continue to revist Sudan. I would like to know why he goes there over all the other countries in Africa.

  5. Ashley P. says:

    What ideas, information, or statements stood out to you from the video segments? Why?

    Overall, I thought this was an outstanding video. I learned a lot from it, and it inspired me to get involved. Before watching this video, I did not know that Sudan is one of the most poor, dangerous places on the earth. Another fact that shocked me was that ninety percent of southern Sudanese women cannot read or write. That is an overwhelming amount, and I think something should be done about it. One statement that George Clooney made that stood out to me was, “If the cameras are going to follow me, I’ll lead them to the places they should be.” I thought that this gesture is very thoughtful, and it really shows what kind of person he is. The reason he is this way is because of the way his parents raised him. When he was little, the entire family would spend Christmas morning with a less fortunate family that they did not know. The world is a better place because of this.

    After your research on issues in Africa (and many of you focused on Sudan) and after watching these video segments, do you think the United States and President Obama should take a stronger stance on advocating for peace in Sudan (http://sudanactionnow.org/index)? Why or why not?

    Yes, I think that the United States and President Obama should take a stronger stance on advocating for peace in Sudan. I believe this because the southern Sudanese really have no way to help themselves. Many of them are not educated enough to come up with solutions to their problems. If the United States starts to get involved, the situation in Sudan will greatly improve. Our country has many resources that Sudan is not fortunate enough to have. These resources could eventually help the southern part of the country overcome their northern rivals. If the United States takes a stronger stance in Sudan, many great things could happen, and the world could have more peace.

    If you could pose one “how” or “why” question to either George Clooney or journalist Ann Curry, what would you ask?

    If I could ask George Clooney one question, it would be “How do you plan on helping the Sudanese once the civil war starts?” I know that he is doing all he possibly can for the country so that a war does not break out between the north and the south. However, I think that he should be prepared for everything. If a war does occur between the two, I want to know if he would continue to help the Sudanese, or if he would back out because he does not think he can help anymore. If he would continue to help, I would want to know how. Would he focus on educating the refugees, helping the refugees escape to safer areas, or bringing the war to an end? I think his response would be very interesting and hopefully beneficial to Sudan.

  6. wright53628 says:

    The thing that stood out to me the most during the segment was the portion on George’s childhood. His father said that George would always be friends with the less fortunate and the less attractive. That stood to me the most because it reflected the actions George are taking right now. He is helping people in need of food, water, and shelter. Another thing that stood out to me is how amazed the natives were at viewing themselves on a camera. These are things that we Americans take for granted.

    No, I do not believe the U.S should take a stronger stance in Sudan. The U.S has its own problems to handle. We are like every other country. Every country needs help from one another, but every country also has to care for themselves. Sudan needs some things changed in their government to get them on the right track. This election will cause great turmoil in Sudan. The U.S could help out, but after we solve our own solutions.

    “How did you first hear about the Genocide in Sudan?” I would ask George this question because I would then know the true reason that inspired him. It would be the source of all his worries about Sudan. Obviously George feels very passionate about Sudan; I would really like to know why he is so passionate and how he heard.

  7. Ben McFarlin says:

    After seeing the Dateline show, I became aware of a lot of problems in Sudan. Like many other wars in Africa, there is friction because of a struggle for resources. I thought that it was very interesting that Northern Sudan is willing to fight Southern Sudan and tarnish its reputation all because of oil. If Sudan needs oil that badly, they could export some of their own products. This wouldn’t only avoid conflict, but it would also spur their economy. I thought it was also interesting that there was so much hate between the Christian and Muslim Sudanese. Besides the Islamic Radicals, there is really no other religious group who hates Christians as much as the Northern Sudanese seem to. Another thing that surprised me from the movie was the fact that George Clooney wanted to travel all the way to the possible front lines. I know that he is trying to raise awareness about the situation in Sudan, but I didn’t think he would be willing to go all the way to the front lines.
    President Obama and The U.S. absolutely need to take a stronger role in not only the issues in Sudan but also the issues across Africa. America spends too much money on things that are ridiculous. Much of that money could go to needy countries like those of Africa. Americans are too blessed to not care about the people of Africa. I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to travel to Africa and see firsthand the conditions that people there live in. Going on that trip made me realize that other more fortunate countries need to step in and actually take action rather than just sitting around and talking about how horrible the situation is. If America doesn’t step in and take a stand against the Northern Sudanese then that will show the rest of Africa that America isn’t willing to intervene, possibly causing more conflicts.
    If I could ask George Clooney one question it would probably be how more people can get involved. He is doing a great thing in trying to raise awareness about this issue. However, the world is not being very receptive at the time being. If I could find a way to raise awareness about the issues in Africa I would. Americans have too much to care this little about the status of people in foreign countries. I would probably ask President Obama why America hasn’t gotten involved as much. If we can get involved in the Middle East as much as we do then we can certainly get involved in African conflicts. I would also do the same with other foreign countries who are in the position to offer aid to African nations.

  8. Lauren M. 4 says:

    One thing that surprised me during the Dateline special was how accepting some Sudanese people were about a possible war. One student at a high school George Clooney visited said that if the north attacked the south, he and his friends and family would be prepared to fight and possibly give their lives to defend their home. I know the upcoming vote is important to south Sudan, but I can’t believe that they would be so willing to die for protecting the new country. I was also surprised at how a famous and wealthy celebrity like George Clooney was so interested in helping Sudan, a poor country in Africa. I think other celebrities should follow his example and use their resources and fame to genuinely help others less fortunate than them. It’s a nice change to see someone so dedicated to working out in Sudan to protect the people as opposed to just claiming to help by making a donation and ignoring the problem after that.
    I believe that the United States and President Obama should be more active in helping Sudan work through the secession peacefully. There are many advantages for both the US and Sudan if this was to happen. Sudan would be able to lead itself more effectively because the north would be led by Muslims and most of the population is Muslim, while in the south, leaders would be Christian and the population is Christian. The government and the people would likely get along better and would be able to cooperate more. For the US, if south Sudan became a separate country and was successful, they might thank the US by giving us oil or something of similar value. However, I also wish Sudan would be a bit more active in trying to prevent a war within itself instead of just asking for help and not doing a whole lot. But, there is no real reason for the US to not give them support and help them out because of these benefits for everyone.
    If I could ask George Clooney any question, I would ask him how he and the other peacekeeping organizations would respond if war did break out if south Sudan secedes. Peacekeeping organizations are exactly that: meant to keep the peace. If the two Sudans began fighting, then they would have a hard time trying to stop fighting, similar to what happened in Rwanda with the UNAMIR mission. They were unable to prevent the genocide because their purpose was to keep peace, and they weren’t allowed to step in very much. If the same situation starts happening with Sudan, then there will need to be a different course of action taken than what happened with Rwanda.

  9. Emily H. 4 says:

    I do not really know who George Clooney is, but it really stands out to me that someone of his status would even care for a place like poor Sudan. Most celebrities are so caught up in their own lives that they probably do not even know that Sudan is in bad shape. It makes me think that maybe celebrities are not as shallow as I used to believe them to be. George Clooney has opened my eyes, because he has taken the time to use his status to help Sudan. Hopefully this will also open the eyes of other celebrities and they will also find some way to help the world instead of themselves.
    The Sudanese seem to be accepting the possibility of war. If we do not help them, many innocent people will die. In my honest opinion we need to help these people. We need to take a stronger stance on advocating for in Sudan. I personally do not like war, but without us there to help them there will be a war. Southern Sudan deserves to be their own country whether northern Sudan likes it or not. If we cannot stop the war then I would like to help southern Sudan win the war. They asked for our help and I believe that is cause enough for Obama to send soldiers to help them.
    My question is how are we supposed to stop the war? War happens whether we want it to or not. The only thing we can do is help in the war. If we try to make peace then we will likely die because northern Sudan is not likely going to listen. They will do whatever they can to get what they want. By pushing for peace we will just be putting ourselves into danger and it could possibly cause more problems in Sudan. We need to choose a side now so we are ready when the plans for peace fail. I am not being pessimistic, I am being realistic. In my opinion peace and guns rarely coexist. If you have a gun then there will likely be war and without the gun you will likely die.

  10. Eric R. 4th says:

    One statement that stood out to me was when George brought up the fact that children won’t have food but every kid will have an AK-47. They are being given meager supplements and an AK-47. This shows how common and widespread this issue is when a child is denied food and instead given a gun. Clooney knows what his role is in preventing the war. He is using his celebrity to bring publicity to Sudan. This is a great way to make the world more aware of Sudan’s issues. “The Light of day” is exactly what makes it difficult to kill people. If the whole world is watching them then Northern Sudan will be more reluctant and cautious about their actions.
    I do believe that the U.S and Obama should take a stronger stand point on the issue. We as America are the enforcers and persuaders of the world. This is because we have the largest economy, the most advanced military, and a persuading history. Since we all this power and influence we should push other countries onto our side. We could have countries like China or Canada place sanctions on Northern Sudan. Weakening their economy and making it even more difficult for genocide.
    Would you ever propose your case to other countries governments? If so which ones? I would ask these questions to George Clooney. I would ask this because I would like to know his future plans when America is not enough. I would also ask him this to see if he has already gone to other countries to propose his case. He probably already knows that the best place to take his case is the Chinese government, because they are major weapon suppliers to Sudan.

  11. Justin P. says:

    After watching the Dateline NBC special the issues in Sudan brought even more attention to me. I thought Sudan just had some problems with fighting and tribe fighting. While I watched the video I realized that was not even close to what was happening. It really stood out to me that these tribes were going to fight over freedom. To me this made no sense why would someone not want freedom. The idea of having war and mass killings over a political decision. In addition to the fighting in Sudan I am really proud of George Clooney for trying to help them. He is using his fame and his publicity to get the message out about the troubles in Sudan. I cant even think about what Sudan would be like if no one had even taken an initiative and went there.

    As we were watching the video I was extremely happy to see the kids faces as George Clooney was there. When the teenage student in the school was talking to George, he asked him to tell President Obama to help them. I soon got furious that the United States and President Obama have not already helped them. I am hoping they are not waiting for war to step in. I cannot stand to see any more people die. The United States has the best Military in the world why don’t we use it to help others. While we are still sending food and water over to Sudan we can help so much more. If President Obama would just get up and help them. Even our allies could help to stop this.

    George Clooney is now a role model to many. A famous person using his money to help people rather than going to party’s or taking vacations. If I was to ask George Clooney one question it would be; How did a man like you, famous and well known find out about this issue in Sudan, and how did you start to approach it? I would ask George this because I am confused how such a good actor got involved in this issue in Sudan. I’m not trying to say that he shouldn’t be doing this I’m just wondering how. After researching my issue going in Africa I have realized it is just a small part of the horror happening there. George Clooney did more than research it. He made a difference.

  12. Ben f says:

    One major idea I got from the video was the actual concern that George Clooney has for these people. This isn’t another stupid publicity stunt, or an attempt to be recognized. George seems like he really cares for the people of Sudan, and wants to help them. I also picked up on George Clooney’s upbringing. His parents really seemed to care about the well being of other people, which to me says a lot about George as a person. It also explains why he is so nice. Most celebrities are pictured, and often are, stuck people only interested in being seen and gaining money. George doesn’t fit into that genre of people. I really picked up on this when he talked about the L.A. riots. He didn’t want to leave, but rather, he wanted to stay behind and help clean up the mess. Again, this shows a lot about George’s character as a person. I really think that George can do a lot of good in Sudan, and I wish him the best of luck.
    Me personally, I don’t think that president Obama or the Government should help much more than they already are in Sudan. What’s happening in Sudan is terrible, and should be stopped; however, there are still problems in America that we should deal with first. First, the economy is terrible. There are hundreds of American children going hungry, because parents have been laid off. There are hundreds of homeless people living in the streets, because of unemployment. Crime is steadily increasing due to theft, murder, and hundreds of other crimes, with people just trying to get by. Not to mention the average number of cases of rape, murder, gang violence, child abuse. We need to deal with the problems here, then worry about the problems of other people.
    If I could ask George Clooney one question, it would be this. “Why Sudan?” There are many other countries in Africa such as Rwanda, and Kenya that need equal help. That’s in Africa alone. What about Asia, the Middle East. There are hundreds of other places with just as many problems as Africa, so I ask. “Why Sudan?”

  13. Zachary Lumpkin says:

    What stood out to me the most in the videos were the South Sudanese reactions. I think it was sad when the men of Sudan said that the international community will come to their aid. I think that so many countries have got it in their heads that either they don’t care or it’s not worth their time to come help the South Sudanese in the troubling times ahead. I thought it was touching when the man said that you go to Barack Obama and tell him that I sent you. I think that they believe since Barack Obama is also black that he won’t let this happen to them. When in reality there is only so much he can do, even if he chooses to help them. This all stood out to me because I, myself, am going to feel guilty if our country doesn’t do anything for them. I hope that Barack Obama is able to get some kind of support for the Southern Sudanese. If no one were to do anything it would be just like the holocaust and the rise of Nazis, because everyone knew what was going on but no one bothered to change anything.
    “If two men are going to fight, you think other men would jump in, and stop them you know? Don’t fight, don’t fight.” These were the words from one of the Sudanese men when talking about what hopes he had if the north attacked. They obviously have no way to defend themselves from the north. If the north attacked the south it would be genocide of the Christians because that would be the people voting to succeed from the country. I think that Barack Obama does need to get more involved in the issue but he can’t solve the problem on his own. What he needs to do is get the full support of all the major countries to put pressure on North Sudan. It’s like when a tiny kid walks up to fight someone way larger than him but the tinier kid has a group with him. The bigger kid won’t fight him because he knows as soon as the fight starts all of his friends will jump in.
    If I could ask George Clooney one question it would be, “If you could go back in time, how, or would you, change the way you have spread the help movement for Sudan.” I would want to know if there is anything that he regretted doing, because the video is talking about all of his great attributes. I was wondering if there were any very deep regrets he had. I am sure he is like anyone else and has certain regrets in life that he would give the world to change.

  14. Jacob H says:

    What stood out to me the most is how it is George Clooney that is doing it. He is a millionaire, and a very popular actor. Instead of traveling to exotic places like England or Brazil, he is going to Sudan. Now Sudan is not a very exciting or intriguing place. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Sudan, is poverty. So seeing a famous celebrity in a place like that is incredible. To me, George Clooney is a hero. He is doing great things for small, poor countries. He understands that there is a serious problem going on, and he seems as if he really wants to help Sundanese people out. George actually cares about this world, and he isn’t just doing this for publicity. Clooney wants to make this world a better place, and he will do whatever it takes.
    After all of this Africa research and information, I do believe America should be doing more. Sudan is a very poor and weak country. Every country deserves common peace and freedom, so why can’t Sudan? If us Americans really do want the world to become a better place, why aren’t we helping them out? We need to act on this as soon as possible. They deserve peace as much as we do. Bad things are about to start happening in Sudan, and we need to hurry and act on it, before it gets too bad. Wars, divisions, attacks, and genocide are just few of the horrible things planned on occurring. We need to hurry up and help these people out before something horrible happens. This is a stereotypical definition of genocide, and seems a lot like the Holocaust to me.
    One question that I have for George Clooney, is how did you get started on Sudan? It is not a popular or famous. After reading about Sudan, I can understand why he decided to get involved. But, what made him choose Sudan over all the other poverty-ruled countries? I would like to know if he knew a lot about Sudan in his childhood. If I was to spend all this time going to a specific place it would definitely be a place that I have known for awhile. I’m sure he currently knows a lot about Sudan, but how much did he know before he decided to visit? I also would like to know what is keeping him there. I can understand a visit to see the issue, but he is constantly going back and forth. He obviously wants to resolve an issue, because no one would keep visiting Sudan for no reason. If you (Clooney) were the president of Sudan, how would you run it? What would you do to prevent all of this from happening?

  15. Emily M says:

    Many things stood out to me while I was watching the video segments. I thought that it was really cool of George Clooney to spend his time and money to go over to Sudan to find an answer to their genocide problems. I also like that he didn’t expect to be recognized or awed over. I was saddened by the fact the people of Sudan were dealing with the torment of the government over and over and over again. Some of the people were asked to tell how many times they’d been chased away from their homes. One woman said that she has been moved four times. I thought about how upset I would be if my parents told me that we were moving once, let alone four times. I can’t even imagine moving and trying to make new friends and learn the area time and time again. Watching these videos really touched me and made me realize that I have it very lucky.
    I think that it would be foolish for America to interfere at this time in our history. I think that our president is unable to control our own country, let alone enter into another nation. Personally, I think that America gets into other countries business too much anyway.
    I have many things that I would like to ask either George Clooney or Ann Curry. One thing that I would ask George Clooney is why don’t you make a movie about Sudanese genocide to get the word out. Ob

  16. Mary Kellan Carr 4 says:

    The fact the George Clooney is using the fame he has to gain awareness for the situation going on in Sudan stood out to me. While he is traveling, he makes it apparent that he has done his research and is knowledgeable of what is going on. This allows him to ask the proper questions to the villages’ people. Another thing that stood out to me was, at each village not many, if anyone, recognized George and it did not seem to faze him. Just because his popularity in the United States did not carry over to those in Sudan did not mean he didn’t want to continue helping them. To me this said that he was there to actually help, not just benefit he appearance to society. Some information that I thought was interesting was how differently each village was informed. Some people still wanted to succeed no matter the consequences because they felt other nations would step in and help.

    In my opinion, it would be in the best interest of Sudan if the United States stepped in. President Obama needs to keep in mind what the outcome would be if nothing was done if the succession went through. In order to keep the peace and make for a better world in the future, it would be best for others including the U.S should help. Speaking more realistically, the United States is in no position to be giving others such as Sudan, the resources we don’t even have. While many lives are at stake and the future of the country depends on the way the north reacts it is still a big decision. In theory it would be nice for Obama to make a stand and help out but in reality if more money and aid was given, our Country would be negatively influenced.

    If I could ask George Clooney one question it would be, If the succession goes through, how would you continue helping the South Sudanese if the north attacks?

    If I could ask Ann Curry one question it would be, Why would you agree to go on such a dangerous trip, knowing what was going on there?

  17. Sloan A. says:

    There were many different statements that stood out to me during the video. For example, one of the statements that stood out to me was that the United States donates over three hundred million dollars a year to Sudan. Before the video I knew that the United States gave money to many different countries all over the world, but I did not know to what countries or how much. I understand why the United States is giving money to Sudan, however I do not understand why so much. Three hundred million dollars is a lot of money and could be used to do a lot of great things. I hope this money is going to the good of Sudan rather than it being wasted. Another statement that stood out to me was that Sudan has the highest rate of dying women. This caught my attention once I heard it because I automatically thought of AIDS however the video never once discussed AIDS. I than began to question why so many women were dying in compare to men. Also, many women could be dying from child birth, because conditions are so poor and unsanitary compared to the United States. The last statement that stood out to me was in regard to a lost boy coming back to his home town and building schools and rebuilding the town. The main reason why this statement caught my attention is because this man could have continued his life in the United States and could have been very successful, but he decided to go back to his home town. I wish I could have said I would do the same thing but I cannot say. The main reason to why I would not have gone back to help my own people is because it is so dangerous and the conditions are so different. All in all, this video opened my eyes to a different a different view and helped me experience how grateful I should be to live in such a save country.
    During the end of the video George Clooney brought the idea of trying to help the Sudanese people even more than the United States already is. George Clooney brought this idea to many different people including NBC and the capital. I however also have opinions on the topic of the United States taking a stronger stance on advocating peace in Sudan. My opinion is that I would love if the United States could and would help however the United States cannot help all the nations in the world. Also, right now we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan and are also trying to help. Honestly I do not think that we should get involved in this conflict because was already in debt and we are just now starting to pull people out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

  18. Victoria B. says:

    While watching the segments of videos, there were many ideas that stood out to me. One of the most thought provoking idea was how George Clooney and Ann Cury with many others as well amount of time taking trips to Sudan and risking themselves to share the knowledge they had gained on these trips. Also, how they had the drive to make sure people were ackowledged and aware of the many issues going on with Sudan. To take the extent to meet with President Obama and many other news repoters held my mind in thought about how much perserverance you need to have to get things out there and shown. Another idea that take my mind is how much george Clooney cares about the issue in Sudan when he could be doing many other leisurous time or take trips to Italy. I think that the way he cancels those kinds of things out from his mind to make room for more important and generous things for the world makes me evaluate my own thinking and what things I am and should be thinking about. The interview with george Clooney about how he was raised to think about doing

  19. Anna D. 4 says:

    Overall, the most impressive idea that stood out to me is the fact that George Clooney is so concerned about the Sudanese Civil War. I admire and respect him hugely for wanting to us his fame and publicity to spotlight this issue and gain support for the Sudanese. It also stood out to me that the African tribal leaders depend so much on the help of the United Nations and expect them to step in and take care of everything. It also shocked me that in reality, this war is just really about who controls the oil and is really just a power struggle between the Northern Muslims and Southern Christians.
    I think that in an ideal world President Obama should take a stronger stance and give help to the Sudanese. It would be nice if he could devote a lot of time and effort to conduct peaceful meetings between the leaders of North and South Sudan. However, speaking realistically, the United States currently has so many internal issues, we cannot afford to support Sudan on top of ourselves. If we were to aid the Sudanese in this conflict and prevent the South’s succession from the North, it would negatively affect the U.S. because the money and attention that Sudan would receive would send our country into further debt. On the other hand, if the South succeeds from the North, then the world will have more conflict and destruction. President Obama should not promise help to the Sudanese when we cannot afford to give it to them. I think that he should appeal the United Nations so that the different countries making up the UN can come together and support Sudan and keep them from fighting again.
    If I could ask George Clooney any question, it would most likely be about his passion for this subject. “Why do you have so much concern and passion for this subject out of all the issues in Africa, such as AIDS and other ethnic discriminations?”

  20. Jessica Cox says:

    Jessica Cox
    10 December 2010
    Lester Honors World Lit.

    Dateline Reflection

    Over all the segment itself stood out to me, but also a few specific details stuck with me. During the videos people in the refugee villages were asked what they would do if fighting started. Many were prepared to fight until the international community stepped in to help. Most of the people in these villages are elderly who are not able to stand on their own let alone fight. This means it will not be very challenging for government backed armies to destroy the already weak villages in Southern Sudan. The village people believe the international community will come rushing to their aid if fighting breaks out. Although immediate aid would be what everyone wants, the international community isn’t in the position to help in the way Sudan needs. They can offer supplies and support, but the international community cannot fight the war for Sudan. Another startling concept is the way George Clooney is using his fame to bring attention to Sudan. These days celebrities have more attention directed at them than any other group of people. This gives them a tremendous amount of power. Although a majority of the celebrities abuse this power or do not use it at all. George Clooney on the other hand is using all of his power and in a positive way. I think his actions have the potential to influence other celebrities to use their fame for the better. Hopefully in the future people will hear more about celebrities fighting for a cause rather than their abuse of their power.

    I think at this point a stronger stance on advocating for peace in Sudan would not hurt. This would only draw more attention to the situation. Further attention will ultimately pull a spot light onto Sudan. If international attention is focused on Sudan perhaps fighting can be avoided. However I do not agree with all the pressure being put upon the Obama Administration to be the so called “ knights in shining armor”. The world has many powerful leaders, many of which are capable of providing the same kind of support the Obama Administration is being pressure to provide. I think its great if the Obama Administration strengthens their stance, but there is nothing wrong with other nations providing help as well.

    During George Clooney’s travels to Sudan his was in considerable danger most of the time. He traveled with an armed guard and also had to deal with the insects and diseases that occur in Africa.He also visited villages where no one knew his name or face and then had to return to a country where everyone knew his name and face. If I had the chance to ask George Clooney a question I would ask him two. First of all how do you keep and positive attitude when you see the despair in the people faces and also how do you keep from loosing hope when things don’t seem to be working?

  21. Jordan G. says:

    The Winds of War special from Dateline’s NBC depicted a whole new way of life that I had previously not been exposed too. The people in Sudan lived in grass huts with dirt floors. Yet, they were still happy. The people had been through so much already with the war and genocide that had devastated their country. These people had hardly anything to begin with and after the civil war they were forced to start over and rebuild what little they could. However, the Sudanese continue to maintain their hope that if a war does come the government will help them. They also pray that the United States will come to their rescue. The fact that even after the terrors of war they still hope to be victorious stands out to me. This is a determined people. That is why neither side will give in and a civil war seems imminent.
    While I think that peace between other countries should be a top priority for the United States, I do not think that we should spend all our efforts, or money for that matter, on an issue which has nothing to do with us. Before we start trying to fix other countries we need to first fix ourselves. The U.S.A. has enough of their own problems as it is. We need to recognize the issue in Sudan, do what we can, but ultimately keep our own needs higher on the to-do list. Besides, while the war will most definitely cause damage and strife to the people of Sudan I think it’s something that needs to happen. The people of Sudan need to split into two different countries. While interviewing the people NBC clearly found that a war is what the people want. So instead of wasting their efforts trying to prevent the war, they should spend their efforts trying to peacefully negotiate a compromise that will help evenly divide the nation. If that fails then they should be waiting to run in and help with damage control. If Obama wants to bring attention to the nation then that is perfectly fine. Maybe other countries will be able to help out. But as for the U.S. we need to stay out of it. We have made way to many mistakes in the past and no one wants to repeat them.
    My question to George Clooney is the same as it would be to Ann Curry. “If the war does happen, what will you do to continue to help the people of Sudan?” I ask this because I know that the issue is very important to both of them and that right now they are spending all their efforts trying to prevent the war from happening. I don’t want them to just give up if the war does occur. Instead they should continue to be a beacon of hope for the people that the war will end. They should help them rebuild their lives after the war.

  22. Macy W. says:

    What stood out to me the most is how George Clooney really cares about the people in Sudan. He proves to me that he is a very compassionate person and thinks more than just his fame. A piece of information that really intrigued me was that spitting on the head of someone is a religious blessing, Clooney looked fortunate when he was blessed. One of the first ideas that comes across my mind when I hear about Sudan is how the Sudanese people go through a lot but do not give up. I think that one of the reasons for this is the spotlight they have shining on them right now with Clooney helping out the nation. The people of Sudan are staying strong and with the help of Clooney, they will be able to come a long way before 2012.

    When I think about our government now I wonder if things will every change for the United States more less countries in Africa that need help. Yes, I do think President Obama should help out the Sudanese people because they have a right to keep peace within their nation just like our country does. I’m not saying we should bank out all of our government money to help, I just feel that we should create more organizations to go down there and fix the main problems, for example, the conditions that they are living in and the lack of food that they have. Not only does Obama need to do this for Sudan but also other nations inside of Africa that need help also. I hope that Clooney’s meeting with Obama opened his eyes a little bit more to what’s going to happen when it turns 2011 for the Sudanese people.

    If I could ask Ann Curry a question I would ask her why in the world did she pick to do an interview on Sudanese people with a famous millionaire George Clooney. It doesn’t seem strange to me that she picked this topic but I just want to know what influenced her to do so. As well as George Clooney, she shows that she is a compassionate person and it seems to me that her caring attitude influenced this Dateline special. While watching the video clips I could see that she really took on a huge abundance of information about Sudan and you could see that she knew what they were going through. I enjoyed watching Curry and Clooney work in action to help the people of Sudan.

  23. koetter48629 says:

    In my opinion, just the idea of a celebrity using their fame to help someone else sticks out to me. I would have to say a statement stood out to me mostly, though I can not fully remember the statement, but George Clooney said something like this,”when I’m being followed by poparrazzi..why not have them follow me here(Sudan).” I think George Clooney is different from the rest of the typical celebrities with all their drama and crazed lives. George grew up some what poor and was raised normally. Even his father said he was helping others as a young man.

    I don’t think the United States is going to get involved. If the problem doesn’t involve us, then we will not get involved. I think our government is too selfish with money to acually spend the money to help. Yes, our government does spend money on food for Africa, but food is a neccessity, war is not. The United States can help prevent some war and if George tells the whole Nation of the war and our government still doesn’t do anything, then our government will have quite a burden to bear on it’s name when a war does break out. We have been told and warned, now it is up to the government to start carring.

    I would pose this question for George Clooney,”why Sudan?” My reasoning for this one questions was thought of when I thought of all the poor and hungry places in the world. We have all heard of more places besides Sudan that have war, hunger, and chaos. But why Sudan? Because he just so happened to go there? He can go so many places that have the same problem. Places(Africa), that are not announced on the tv, that America can help.

  24. buelow53675 says:

    A segment that really stood out to me in the video was the scene towards the end; it was the scene where the village women were asked what they would do if war was to come again. Their response was, in my opinion, an unusual one, and one I still do not entirely understand. They stated that they would stay and die with their children rather than relocate and live another day. This struck me as odd, for I do not understand why they would choose to stand and die, and eventually lose everything they stood for, rather than to move, and perhaps take it back again someday. It then occurred to me that these people see that as their only option; they’ve run out of hope. If it comes down to fleeing and living to fight again, or staying and ending it, they’re going to stay. They’ve had enough, and they are ready for the end, one way or another.
    On this issue of whether we should become more involved, I have an undecided opinion. Yes, it would seem necessary that we need to help out these people, but we also have several problems ourselves. We’re trillions of dollars in debt, and right now a mission to Sudan to help prevent a possible civil war would cost us. Our economy isn’t in the best shape, either. Unfortunately, I do not have adequate information in order to make a clear decision. Right now, I don’t think that we should get completely involved, but I’m not beyond bringing the issue to other nations’ attention.
    If I could ask a question to either of them, it would be something like, “From what you have gathered, what would be your plan of action for Sudan?” Personally, I would find this response to be interesting; after all, they both seem to be some of the most knowledgeable about its current state. I also feel that just stating what is going on isn’t enough. I think that by knowing what they want to do with their situation, we can grasp a better idea of how things really are.

  25. catie4795 says:

    Because of the fact that my research project was over genocide in Sudan, a great deal of the video’s content stood out to me. Something that I thought about while watching the video was the level of poverty in the country. I think when Americans think about poverty, they think of people begging for money and living under overpasses. In Sudan, however, the vast majority of people (in the south at least) live in small huts made of mud and thatch, and a very isolated. They have nowhere to look for work, and no one to beg to. They have many responsibilities, however, such as caring and finding food for large families and caring for their livestock. While many extremely poor people in this country are completely free of responsibility, people in this country not only have many things to do, but they also must live everyday in fear of violence. This is something that people in this country, regardless of social status, can barely wrap their minds around.
    Personally, I think that more should be done to help the people of Sudan, but I don’t think that it should fall on the shoulders of the government. I think that individuals should follow in George Clooney’s footsteps and do whatever they can to help, if they so choose to do so. I think that this would be more effective than just throwing money at the problem. If people have the means and the desire, they should do what George Clooney has been doing and actually go to Sudan and meet the problem face to face. I think that this gives people a better idea of what is going on than research would. I know for me at least, it would instill in me a feeling of how blessed I was and how these people who have done virtually nothing do be in the dire situation that they are need our help. I think that President Obama should try to get the word out about the situation and inspire people to do more, but we shouldn’t apply more tax dollars to the problem.
    If I could ask George Clooney a question, I would want to know how he finds the time and has the bravery to visit Sudan. Going to a foreign country would be very time consuming, because you have to go through all of the paperwork and vaccinations, not to mention the fact that the country is so tumultuous. I would be very afraid of going to a country where the majority of people, including children carry around heavy machine guns for protection. I would love to go to meet the people who have experienced firsthand the genocide in the last couple decades, and do whatever I could to help out, but I would have to be very brave and know how to watch after myself. I admire Mr. Clooney for his ability to basically jump headlong into the middle of this war-torn land and talk to these people that had seen more death and horror in just a few years than I hope to see in my entire life.

  26. • The thing that stood out to me the most was the way that George Clooney cared so deeply for these Sudanese people, and tried to improve their lives, rather than his own. It was remarkable to me how Clooney put so much time, effort, and even money into this project. His main goal was simply to create a better environment and way of life for these unfortunate people. The way he expresses how he puts others before himself is such a refreshing idea, due to the fact that most Americans are greedy and do only for themselves. I look up to George Clooney in a way that can teach me to be a more giving, helpful person, as well as just a better person overall.
    • Although I believe that Sudan is in great need of help from the stronger, wealthier countries, I still think that it is not America’s total job to try and completely fix all the other problems in the world. America has enough issues as it is, dealing with the government and environment; therefore I believe that Sudan should try and solve the big problems themselves. Yet, I still think that since America is such a powerful country, that we have the strength to out a little portion of effort into solving the issues in Sudan and other unfortunate countries. It is possible for us to put a small effort into helping out Sudan, but only if these helpful deeds will not add even more suffering to America.
    • “Why do you care so much for Sudan and its people, when you are very fortunate yourself and have no need to do what you are doing for them?” This is the question I would Ask George Clooney if I had a chance to speak with him about the issue. I would ask this question because it is amazing to me how giving of a man Clooney is, and how he does not see himself as a person who is better than everyone else. This man is a great idol for many people in America because of the way he treats others with respect and honor, just like the way he would want to be treated if he was less fortunate. His efforts that he has put into this project has helped out many lives, and maybe even saved lives. It is a fascinating thing, watching a man who sees himself as an equal, even when he knows he is one of the most famous, richest men in the world.

  27. ping83563 says:

    Watching these videos really opened my eyes to many things. I thought that I understood what was going on in Africa. I have seen pictures and read articles about the genocide and tragedies but actually hearing and seeing the people talk made everything seem much more real. What stood out to me the most was how George Clooney is using his fame. I am so glad we have people like him in the world that are trying to help other people. Many people don’t understand or even care about what’s going on around the world. I am surprised that more people haven’t reached out like he has. There are so many celebrities that have more money than they will ever need. I don’t see why they can’t share with the less fortunate to help people around the world. I think it is interesting that George.
    If I could ask George Clooney one question it would be “Why do you do this?” I want to know what made George so different from all of the other greedy celebrities. Many people say it was the way he was raised by his parents and the way he grew up. But I want to know what he thinks about that. I also want to know what he thinks he acts are going to accomplish, what is his main goal?

  28. zoufal55774 says:

    • The main element that stood out to me was how the Sudanese people were willing to die for their country. Many of them said they would stay and fight for their family, friends, and land. This stood out to me because they did not have a lot. For example they had poor living conditions a basic food, it made me think why would they stay and fight for this. Then I realized it was the independence and freedom they wanted, not necessarily the land itself. Another idea that stood out was the fact that the children wanted an education. Most American children dread they thought of school, but in Sudan they looked forward to it. I think they enjoy it because it is rare to learn, but in the US it is required. Also hearing how they wanted to go to school made me realize how lucky I am to have the privilege of attending school.
    • After researching Africa, I realized how unfortunate the country really is. I do believe the US and President Obama should assist Africa in its time of need, but she focus on the US’s problems first. After the US’s problems are solved, I do believe it would be wise to at least attempt to help the country. Even though Africa has many more extreme issues than the US, I still think we should take responsibility for our country first. I believe this because if our country goes into turmoil, how are we going to help some other country? I think a good compromise with assisting Africa right now would be to make US citizens aware of more issues in Africa.
    • One question I would ask George Clooney is “Why do you care so much for the Sudanese people?” I would ask this because I find it was interesting that this very wealthy and famous man would use his fame to help others. I also find it clever because most people know who George Clooney is, so just by knowing his presence you will be aware of Sudan as well. I am still confused on why he does this though because if I had the same status as him, I most likely wouldn’t try to help a foreign country. Him doing this though proves there are good people in the world, and maybe there is hope for Sudan.

  29. A statement that stood out to me in the video was when George Clooney was talking to the native women. He asked them if there was a war, would they run and get out? I was very surprised by their response. I thought for sure that they would say yes and get out of the war-ravaged country. Instead, they said that they would stay and die with their children who had died. I found this extremely moving, but at the same time, I was puzzled. Why would the women stay back to die with their children who are already dead, instead of going somewhere else and living their life for the children that could not live theirs? I also found the whole idea of George Clooney using his celebrity status to the convey an issue that desperately needs to have attention drawn to it surprising. It was surprising in a good way, and it was nice to know that some famous stars still care about what is happening in the world.

    I believe that the United States and the President could step in and do a little more to help. I know that we are sending humanitarian aid to countries like Sudan, but sometimes that is not enough. Third-world countries rarely get any recognition in the world news because people don’t care that much about them. The countries that need our help the most cannot tell us. For example, during the Rwanda Genocide of 1994, the US could have jammed the radio stations used to spread the idea that the Tutsi were evil and should be killed. Did they do it? No. The Untied States and President Barrack Obama have all this power at our disposal, but they don’t use it to help better the world, which in turn, would benefit our nation.

    One question I would like to ask George Clooney is how did he hear about the issues in Sudan and what made him start wanting to help the Sudanese? I have never heard of the civil war in Sudan, and I imagine that it is not a huge event on the news either. How could someone like George Clooney, who is a little more isolated from the world than other people, learn about the Sudanese civil war. Also, every endeavor has to have a spark. What was the spark that set George Clooney into action to journey to Sudan and to try and help this country? I would love to know what his motivation is.

  30. price74067 says:


    I like that George Clooney is trying desperately to try and help the people of Sudan. I like that the video brought up his father so that he could tell us about the different things that George did as a boy. I think that its just amazing that he does not credit himself but his parents and upbringing and even other people. I feel that his attempts are going to help Sudan greatly and he is one human being that can actually make a difference and actually help, and he has the ability to notify people that say I would not be able to. I love that he is doing this for Sudan not for himself.

    Yes, I think that the United States and even President Obama should try its hardest to help Sudan. Many people will disagree with me and as that they think if Sudan cannot help us or themselves why should we be in charge of saving them. I think that it comes down to what is ethical. A Genocide for Oil is not ethical. However helping people in need and trying to save many peoples live, that is ethical. I am not sure how much the US stepping in will really help. I mean we stepped in before and they signed a peace treaty that meant nothing to them. If they are still fighting and Southern Christan Sudan wants to be its own country then let them and do not try to kill them for their oil. I think that things are out of hand in Sudan and we might be able to do something to help so we must try.

    If I could ask George Clooney a “how or why” question, then I would ask Why don’t you take citizens over to Sudan or even more important people such as Mr. President Obama? I think that it would be important to get everyone involved. I think that it would be interesting to hear what other people have to say when they get back from Sudan and not just people like President Obama but also just citizens. If I had to ask a how question I would as something like, How do you think the United States help in Sudan? I personally think that the United States government think that Africa is a lost cause so there is no point in trying to save anything about Africa including people or even country’s like Sudan. I feel that daylight it not as powerful and Mr. Clooney thinks. There have been attacks in daylight so I feel that anything about daylight will not do anything in other words I think that day light does not matter to the Arab Sudanese Armys and Government.

  31. ping83563 says:

    He says he wants to get cameras in Africa so that the world can see what’s going on. But what can the world really do? What will other countries end up doing to help and will they even help at all? I think what George Clooney is doing is great and we definitely need to hear what he is saying and spread the word to everyone that can help Africa and victims of genocide in any way.

  32. leahy53990 says:

    One part that really stood out to me was George’s childhood. He lived the ideal life for any kid. But, not only did he make himself a nice life, he tried to make one for others too. If he ever saw a kid that was left out, or not as popular he would do deeds such as, walking home with them or sitting with them at lunch. It seems he has been that way his entire life because he still does the same thing today. Instead of laying on the beach somewhere he is out helping the less fortunate people.
    Yes I do believe that the USA should take action. We are currently the most powerful force on Earth and I know for a fact that we could stop genocide. We do have a stance in genocide right now but all we do is provide little food and water. If President Obama had a mind state like Clooney’s we could save many lives that otherwise will be taken for no reason.
    If I could propose a question to Mr. Clooney it would be, How do you propose we stop genocide? I know that the question is rather simple and there are many ways we could do this but it seems to me that each plan I can think of has a defect in it. First off, we would obviously have to deploy soldiers into Sudan. But, How long would they be there? The attacks of genocide could come at any time. It is quite possible that the soldiers would be there for years. I’m sure he has a plan that would work, now he just needs the support of our President.

  33. Megan D. says:

    There were several things that stood out to me from the videos. I thought it was interesting how a celebrity would choose to use the money they earn to a needy cause. It’s good to see celebrities using their so called fame to help out other people not just in their own country but in the world. I think that it’s good that George Clooney steps in and tries to help. Some pictures througuhtout the video were very eye wakening. Seeing a little boy and how he had starved throughout Darfur was intriguing. You could see his ribs through his skin and there was no fat for what I could tell on his body. It made me want to help the kids there, for there to peace in their country. Lastly, in the video a woman shared to Ann Curry how their were pregnant women being burned. I do not know how someone could have the guts to take the life of an innocent fetus. It really opens your eyes to how bad the situation is coming too.
    I think the United States should get involved to help peace settle in Sudan, but at the same time I don’t they should. I believe they should because there are citizens their wanting the United States and other countries to get involved. However the United States does not always have to do something just because someone wants us too. I think that if another country or the US ever needed Sudan’s help and we didn’t help them this time that Sudan would not help. The situation is getting more violent and if we got involved then that would mean sending troops over there to help. We have done that before for Iraq and about six years later we still have soldiers over their still helping. If the US does get involved that means spending more money for supplies, and right now the US is already in enough debt.
    “Why did you choose to help and go to Sudan?” I would ask this question to George Clooney. I would ask this because it’s interesting for a celebrity to risk their life to help others. I think it is great that he is using his fame to try and help others and try to make peace. George Clooney risked getting sick like malaria and even getting killed when he went to the border. For him going there and trying to make a difference makes him that much more of a better person. He used his fame for good and not bad and that show the true person he is.

  34. Megan B. says:

    This video was overall very inspiring and it made me feel like I should get involved and do something to help Sudan. One thing that stood out to me was the amount of danger that the Sudanese people are in. Even though they are in danger, they are ready to fight. In the video, one of the women said she was not going to flee if her land was being attacked. She was going to stay there and die on her land. It is amazing how much these people care about their land and how much they are willing to do to be able to keep their land. Their courage is shocking. Another statement that stood out to me was what George Clooney said about the cameras that follow him. Basically, he said if all of these people are going to follow him and watch his every move, he is going to make them see what should be seen but is being ignored. I thought that was a very inspirational thing to say because most celebrities don’t care about other issues, but George Clooney is using his fame to try to save thousands of lives.
    I think that the United States and President Obama should take a stronger stance on advocating peace for Sudan. I think that the people of Sudan, mainly the Southerners, have no way to help themselves. The Northerners are stronger and more powerful, so the people of southern Sudan don’t stand a chance. The United States has the strongest military in the world, and Sudan needs the help. If the United States stepped in to help, Sudan’s problems could be solved. I think the U.S spends too much money on other pointless things when they could be helping other countries in great need, like Sudan.
    If I could ask George Clooney one question, it would be “If a war does break out after the elections, how do you plan on helping Sudan then?” I know that George Clooney is doing all he can right now to prevent war, but there is still a great possibility that a war will break out. If a war does break out, I wonder if he would still fight for the Sudanese peace. I would like to know if he would give up after that point, or if he has another plan. If he does have a plan, I would want to know what it is. I wonder if he would help set up camps and get people to send care packages. Maybe he would set up schools to get people more educated, or he would try to get the U.S military more involved. I think his response to this question would be very interesting because we have yet to find out what he will do if a war does by chance break out.

  35. There are many ideas and information that I had not previously known, that stood out to me. These ideas are how George Clooney, this celebrity decided to use his fame to spread the information about the Sudanese Genocide. Most celebrities do use their fame to inform more people of a cause but they did not get as much into the issue as George Clooney does. He travels several times to Sudan and travels to the most dangerous places within in Sudan. Someone as dedicated to a cause as he is, being a celebrity is very rare. So a new idea that I concluded from these videos, is that no matter who you are or where you come from there is always something that you can do to help a cause, if you try your hardest.
    I believe that with this issue in Sudan the United States and President Obama should not take a huge stand in Sudan, but still advocate for peace. We are able to help Sudan more than we are right now and I believe that we should help more but there are certain limits. If we are to become too involved within Sudan in turn our resources in other parts of the world will diminish. Becoming too much involved in this issue can lead to the dependency of the South, if they are to split from the north, on us. The United States would be supplying many resources making Sudan dependent those resources, but the US does not have as much resources that are needed for them.
    If I was speaking to Ann Curry I would have many questions to ask her, the same goes for George Clooney. For instance one particular question that I want to ask is why Ann Curry chose this particular topic to investigate and why did she travel with George to a very dangerous part of Sudan. The reason I would ask that particular question is because this topic is such a dangerous topic, I would think most reporters do not want to risk it. There is a physical danger involved as well as a political, because the Northern Sudanese Government most likely does not want this video seen by many of the world because they do not the Southern Sudanese people to get assistance from the world.

  36. schwab53702 says:

    While watching the video, something that stood out to me was the fact that George Clooney, a famous, millionaire actor, would actually care about something like this going on in a country that is so distant from us. I really liked how he used his fame to show the world what is going on in Sudan. Instead of vacationing somewhere, he is trying to save lives and make a difference in the world. Something else that stood out to me was when George was explaining one of his visits to Sudan. He explained that after he had been in town a couple of days, a little girl came up to him and asked him if he was coming back soon. He said that that was one of the reasons why he kept going back to Sudan. That stood out to me because, he really must have made a difference while he was there. He’s not just going for the fame; he really does care about the issue.

    After watching this video and doing my research, I do believe that the United States should become more involved in Sudan. I think that the United States could really help Sudan if we tried and brought in more efforts to stop the fighting. If we sent more troops over, then perhaps, we could help prevent another war from breaking out after the election takes place in January. If southern Sudan does succeed from northern Sudan, another war is predicted to take place, and if we have our troops there, we could help southern Sudan fight off northern Sudan. We could also help by increasing the amount of supplies we send over to Sudan. By increasing the amount of supplies, we could insure more people a meal and more people would not die from starvation.

    If I could ask George Clooney one question it would be, why do the problems in Sudan interest you so much? I would like to know this because, out of all the things he could be doing, he chose to help the people of Sudan. He could be helping the orphans in America, but instead he in Sudan trying to end another war from breaking out. I would really like to know why he chose Sudan, out of everything else that is going on in the world.

  37. johnson53688 says:

    The biggest idea that I took away from this video is that we have got to do something about the Genocide and issues of Sudan. George Clooney should not be the only person that is actually making an effort toward helping these hurting people. I feel that this video displayed the idea of other people around the world helping this issue because these people of Sudan need somebody to help them. I also feel that this video showed that missionaries and Christians are not the ones that are helping with this horrific situation. In addition, an idea that also stood out to me was the fact that George Clooney, a celebrity, is standing up for these people and using his fame and fortune for the good of this third world country.

    Yes, I do feel that the United States should take a stronger stand in this country’s issues. We are not the only people on Earth, so we should not just ignore them like they do not exist. As one of the world’s top powers we need to do our job in helping the citizens of third-world countries in times of despair. Other countries have helped us out before too, so we must return the favor and pass the peace within Sudan. Not only is Sudan calling out for the international community to help them but they are expecting it. We cannot let them down. We must do more to stop the genocide against these people and end the harsh treatment and rule of the Muslim government in Sudan. By sending troops and care packages to these people we would be in some way helping until we could really solve the biggest problem in their country. We need to make the small steps toward hope now to get to the big steps for progress in the future.

    How do you handle the campaigns and hatred against you when dealing with the issue in Sudan? This is the question I would ask George Clooney if I ever got the chance to. When people do the right thing it is not always easy. There will always be people trying to tear that person down and tell them that it is a lost cause and that they hate you for doing something that should not be done. George Clooney must also face this when dealing with an issue as sensitive as the issue within Sudan. It would be interesting to find out how he handles and maintains a strong front while being torn down for his beliefs. I know for myself, as a Christian, it is hard to handle these trials in my life while trying to do the right thing for others and the right thing through God, and I would like to see the tribulations Mr. Clooney has gone through, as well, while campaigning for the lost people of Sudan.

  38. Ryan Z says:

    1. The information of George Clooney’s childhood stood out to me. It’s very rare you see someone such as a famous actor step up and try to do well for the benefit of others. I was also surprised at the lack of authority in Sudan. Normal civil wars are government versus a rebellion or something similar. However, it’s hard to tell which the government is and which the rebellion is in this case. I believe the vote will end up being more harm than good.
    2. I do not think that other countries should get involved in this conflict. I don’t think that America should step in and “end” the civil war. I personally believe that even though it’s a sad issue and the pictures and videos are breathtaking, no other country should get involved. I believe that people who think otherwise are ignorant. If America steps in and helps the Christian side, then the Muslim north will ask for help from probably another Muslim country, then a big war breaks out from this. Another option people dream about is an American takeover. I really don’t need to say why this is a bad option. However I will. America takes over, and assuming that the American military ends the fighting, America can’t leave at this point. America becomes obligated to set up a government and an oil based economy for Sudan then. America can’t fix the world’s problems. We as Americans are hated across the world. I don’t think some of these countries even want us there across the world. Iraq is an example. We end the fighting, set up government make everything more American, and we all love what we’re doing in Iraq.
    3. The question I would ask is just why? Why bother? In return I expect a “we can change the world” response. I’d ask this because even though it’s the “right thing” to do, is it? Even though my previous thoughts don’t show this, I believe that they need help and whats going on there is wrong. But Sudan needs to deal with Sudan’s problems, in the end they’ll become stronger (or destroyed). American involvement would cause Sudan to be dependent for a long time on other world powers.

  39. dayoub92580 says:

    The Dateline video informed me of a lot of pressing problems in Sudan. The idea that stood out to me the most was that of all people in the world, George Clooney is behind all of the action. I truly admire the effort he is putting into publicizing the potential war in Sudan. Instead of hearing about the issue and ignoring it, George Clooney is putting his fame and fortune to good use and taking action in solving Sudan’s problems. He has appeared on Larry King and other national television programs to discuss Sudan’s crisis. I also learned from the video that he has taken the matter directly to the place in the US that holds the most power, the White House. George Clooney has talked directly to the president about different strategies the US can take on to help the Sudanese. I envy George Clooney’s graciousness towards the people of Sudan, and the fact that he willing to drop everything and help others is what stood out from me in the video.
    I think that the United States should take action in Sudan immediately. According to the video, if the referendum on succession does not go according to plan and a war breaks out between the north and the south again, there are going to be serious consequences on both halves. The US has the power and resources to help Sudan resolve their issues in a non violent way. Southern Sudanese tribes are going to be completely destroyed by the north because the north has government funded arms. It would be morally wrong to just sit around and watch Sudan be torn to shreds when we have the power to help.
    If I were to ask George Clooney one question, I would ask him how he is going to respond and help if the election in January causes another war. I am aware that he is doing all that he can possibly do in the short amount of time left before the election, but what if the election turns into a bloody war? How is he going to continue helping the Sudanese? The southern Sudanese are completely vulnerable to any attack from the north. The north has government funded artillery while the southern Sudanese are defenseless. “Keeping the peace” would be difficult to impossible to achieve if the war broke out again. I am interested in finding out what George Clooney has to say about this question.

  40. defrank55679 says:

    The living conditions of the Sudanese people stood out more than anything. This information shocked me because I honestly had no idea that people still have to survive in such harsh circumstances. It is extremely humbling to know that these people, who honestly have nothing, are so hopeful and thankful for what they do have. One of the pictures from the video also stood out to me. The picture showed a mother holding a malnourished child in her arms. It broke my heart to know that the child she was holding might not survive. This made me think of all the children in Sudan and how unfortunate some of them are. Some of the children have already fought in many battles during the Sudanese War, as shown in the video segment. I pray that there is way that some of these innocent children can be saved.

    After learning about The Sudanese Civil War, I strongly believe America and President Obama should take a stance against the genocide in Sudan. People in the United States are so well-off compared to those in Africa. Americans do not understand how blessed they are to even have the right to an education. In Sudan, receiving a full high school education is almost unheard of. I think if Americans could give just a little out of their abundance, the lives of the Sudanese people could be changed forever. But Sudan doesn’t just need money to clean up the aftermath of the war; Sudan needs protection against another war. Ultimately, Clooney was trying to explain that if we stop another civil war, we (Americans) will not have to spend the time and funds to clean up after the war. President Obama needs to step in and advocate peace in Sudan. If The United States believes in peace, freedom of people, and freedom of religion, then we need to go out into the world and stand up for those things. Although some countries have not taken kindly to the U.S. becoming involved in their affairs, the majority of Southern Sudan seems to think differently. In one of the video clips, a tribal leader explains that he is expecting the U.S. to take a stand and help Sudan. I don’t think The United States should let this man, or anyone else in Sudan, down.

    A question I would ask George Clooney is “How are you planning to get enough support to actually do something in Sudan?” In the end, I feel that raising awareness is not enough to save the Sudanese people. Although knowledge about the genocide in Sudan causes Americans to feel sympathy for the people, the real question is “Can this knowledge bring enough people to action?” Action that promotes peace, stops genocide, and rebuilds lives is what is going to change Sudan in the long run. I think Clooney, by using his fame to raise awareness, is on the right track. But now, more people need to step up and take action to actually put some of Clooney’s ideas into action.

  41. What stood out to me the most was the looks on all the children’s faces. It’s as if you can see the hurt and tragedy they have been through in their short lives. It seems unfair and cruel, to put such innocent people in the middle of a Genocide. The things that all the young children have already seen and been through are simply ridiculous. While not by appearance, they are truly strong. Many of us Americans take what we have or advantage and as I see it threw the videos and project by fellow class mates, they would feel like royalty to have what we have. It’s incredible on how much we really take for granted. Can you imagine going through anything similar to this? I know I couldn’t.

    I myself do feel as if our Country should take a larger stand. We are a Country that others see as well off and we should be helping. On the other hand I do believe that the soldiers should have a say in whether or not we help out. It is their lives in which they will always be protecting as well as the natives to the Country, they should have some say in whether or not that’s where they want to be. I think that if Obama was going to send troops that he should go too, instead of pointing and telling what to do. He should be part of the helping, he could show the other governments how ours is set up and how it works to try and help them get along and compromise. There are many ways to look at it and many ways that must be considered, remember each soldier that we send away has a family somewhere.

    I would ask George Clooney, How does this tragedy stand out to you versus wrongs that have been done to people around the world? I would ask this questing because it puzzles me on why this specific tragedy. While this one is somewhat known about, what about the countries that cannot say anything about what is happening to them and their people? If he is successful with this “mission” I hope to see him further research into other wrong doing from smaller minuet Countries around the world. People are already more informed about the Genocide due to George’s help, I am interested to see if other celebrities follow in his footsteps and try to make a difference.

  42. card108560 says:

    The main thing that was apparent throughout the entire special was the level of poverty that seems to impact the majority of people in Sudan. The south’s capitol city, a city that should be well developed, was even a great disappointment. This obvious lack of wealth is interesting when stacked against the wars waged within Sudan and all of the fighting that takes place. So many people are poor but they spent so much on trying to fight each other that they could be better off if just a little more peaceful. Although they are fighting over resources, in order to gain wealth, most of the money will only go to those who already live better than the majority of people in Sudan and those in the north who fight do so without any real reward.

    After spending half of my school year learning about Africa and all of its problems, I believe that Africa should learn to clean up its own messes and that involvement from another continent should not be needed. The countries that are in the immediate area, neighbors, with Sudan have the right to help, in my eyes, but countries like the United States should not get involved. Whether Sudan is unified under the beliefs/practices currently seen in the north or whether it is split into two different countries, the people there should not require aid from across the world. Local governments in the region who have an issue with one side or the other should provide support for who they please and then that will be the end of it. If the Muslim north decides to attack the south and they end up destroying the whole area, then so be it. The south should have done a better job then they apparently did and if no one came to their aid within the area, I assume that no one wanted them there anyways and would rather deal with the northern leaders. The only way that I would condone U.S. involvement is if another semi-powerful country, like Russia, joined the side of the war that is against our government’s interests in the region. That would just be an unfair playing field and the south would surely be massacred. This massacre wouldn’t be the same as if the north was attacking the south and I believe that the north’s advantage would be cheating. America needs to learn to let the world police themselves and stay out of everyone’s backyard. Countless men and women have died under the banner of the Stars and Stripes as a byproduct of greed. To be specific, the war currently being waged in Afghanistan and before that, the war in Iraq. None of these conflicts were really needed and if we minded our own business then quite a few countries would stop hating us so much. These two wars found justification wherever it could, just so we could maintain our hold on oil and expand profits by reaching new markets.

    If I was able to ask George Clooney one question, I would ask him how he first learned about the situation in Sudan and what drew him into the conflict instead of just dismissing it like the majority of our “icons” and others that we regard as famous. Although I do agree with Mrs. Lester about her belief that the way Mr. Clooney was raised played an important role in his decisions, I do not believe that that one its own is enough evidence of why he became involved. I am sure that a lot of celebrities were raised in at least decent households and yet a lot of them are known for their flaws that shadow the, little, good about them. George Clooney seems to be different in that he keeps a low profile, does his movies and helps people. At least, this is what I know of him. As far as I can remember, I don’t know of any bad news that has surrounded Mr. Clooney. Correct me if I am mistaken.

  43. lybbert78288 says:

    Some things that stood out to me are some of the facts the video segments had. For example, The U.s spends 300 million a year on Sudan. This makes me think of other countries and how much they are trying to help. If more countries around the world could pitch in, then we might have a chance at stopping this conflict for good. Another thing that stood out to me is that George Clooney experienced almost every kind of stomach virus that the area of Sudan had to offer. This stood out to me because; it showed George’s determination to make a difference. In the video it showed George Clooney going into tone of the most dangerous places in Sudan. This also showed that nothing was going to stop George from Getting through to the people.
    I think that the U.S could have a stronger stance on advocating for peace in Sudan. We have the resources and the power to make a change but, we just need Obama to take charge. On the other hand it seems like the U.S has put their fair share time and money into advocating for peace. Another reason is the U.S sometimes just needs to stay out of problems with countries on the other side of the world. So0metimes it is just best to stay out of other people’s problems and let them handle their own problems.
    If I could ask Ann Curry a question it would be about the way she interviews different people in Sudan. Why do ask Sudanese Why do they stay on their homelands and are willing to die, instead of moving to another location. All the people that you asked said that they would fight for their homeland and not leave. Why did you keep on asking the same question to the people of that village, when you knew they were going to have the same response. Were you surprised that these Sudanese would die for their homeland? I thought it was interesting that these people were so devoted to their homeland that they would fight for it and most likely end up dyeing for, too.

  44. rich57377 says:

    While watching the video clips, one main piece of information really stood out to me. During the time when George Clooney was visiting the distant village in person and he was talking to one of the village elders, something really surprised me. After the question George asked to the old man about what the man expected to happen if the northern Sudanese were to attack, it stood out to me that the man expected the rest of the world, especially the United States, to help them out and protect them individually. After the short interview that he gave, George himself said that that probably wasn’t going to end up happening at all. This surprised me overall because not only did the old man expect something astonishing, but he expected something that didn’t happen the first time around, which was protection. It was very upsetting to hear that all this old man wanted was to keep his village safe individually when in reality, it would be tremendously difficult to focus just on this one Sudanese tribe when there are so many others to be kept safe all at the same time. It was disappointing when even George went out in the open afterwards and said himself that it would probably not be able to happen, even though I already knew this was true. This is probably why this particular segment stood out to me so much because they didn’t have the heart to tell the old man the undeniable truth, and this is what the entirety of southern Sudan may have to be facing in the near future.
    Obviously, the United States and President Obama could always do something more to help, no matter what the situation. But in this case, I believe that much more effort needs to be put into helping Sudan retain its peace. We have barely done anything in the first place, and I know this from researching Sudan individually, so we need to take a huge leap into helping Sudan. If we do help more, Sudan could become more influenced by us, and in turn change them as a whole. This is only one out of hundreds of positive influences that we may be able to have if we just put in the effort to help out another fellow country. Especially after watching the video and getting to experience the problems in Sudan from a United States citizen point-of-view, it is obvious that Sudan can’t take care of itself alone. We absolutely need to lend a helping hand in Sudan, which in turn will make our world a much better place.
    If I could ask a question to Ann Curry, it would be: “Why do you think Sudan poses a great problem, and if George Clooney played no role in helping Sudan, would you make the same effort to telling the United States about its problems?” The reason I would ask this question is because I know it would take a long time for her to think about. I know her show focuses on interviews of people that the rest of the United States knows and looks up to, but I really don’t believe she would know about the problems in Sudan without the efforts of George Clooney playing a role in it. Just like me, she would probably have no idea of the problem, and would have to research it and read about it on her own time. It would be very interesting to find out if she would play a role in the aid of Sudan without George Clooney being the focal influence leading her towards her point-of-view of Sudan. This is why I want her to answer this question because it is very difficult to tell sometimes, especially under the influence of a celebrity, that people truly care and know about this extremely difficult issue in Sudan.

  45. cooley112685 says:

    One major point that stood out to me from the videos we watched on Friday was the selflessness of George Clooney for the inhabitants of Sudan . Although he could easily be elsewhere doing things for himself or his career, he chooses to help fight against the awful genocide that has been occuring in Sudan. Also I noticed the innocence of the people living there. Even over everything that they have been through they still can have smiles on their faces when they see people coming to help them. It shows that even when the worst has happened, hopes can still survive.
    In my opinion, the United States of America should not become directly involved in this countries contraversy for several reasons. First, I belive that if we were to get involved, it would encourage other countries to get involved on opposing sides allowing this situation to be the catalyst for a larger war. Second, I believe that this could open up an oportunity for another religious war of christians versus muslims on a larger scale. On the other hand, I do believe that indirectly sending help such as missionaries and support groups is a very benificial help to this situation.
    If I could ask two questions to Mr. Clooney about what he is doing in Sudan, I would ask… Why are you so attracted to this tragic conflict versus all the other conflicts around the world? What about this place, and these people has touched you? I would ask these questions because I am very interested in hearing his personal response to why he wants to and enjoys helping these people out so much.

  46. One idea that stood out to me was when George Clooney met with some elderly Sudanese people and discussed the possible civil war from the election. This stood out to me because the native Sudanese were still willing to fight the war even if they seceded as their own nation. I would think that they would want to shy away from war because they already have fought three decades before. George Clooney has also been on many new stations to raise the awareness of this issue. More impressively, he has traveled to the White House to discuss this issue with Barack Obama. This is why I am anxious to see the results of the election in January.

    Barack Obama needs to get involved with the issues in Sudan right now before it is too late. I think President Obama could help get other people and nations involved with this conflict if he set his mind to it. By globalizing this issue, this would make it difficult for the northern Sudanese to attack the south because they would be fighting against a much larger and powerful forces. However, with the election rapidly approaching, the chances of this occurring are slimming as we speak and that the southern Sudanese’s world can change in January.

    If I could ask George Clooney one question about Sudan, I would ask him how do we stop the war if it is to occur. I know that the forces in the south are already weak as they are and the North’s military weapons are more advanced than the South’s. There means that there is one way the South can defeat the North or come to another peace agreement. This solution is foreign aid from countries like the United States. However, the United States would have to send thousands of troops overseas and I am not sure if Barack Obama is willing to do that. Other than this, the future of the Southern Sudanese is in jeopardy.

  47. In my Literature/Composition class the other day, our class watched a video entitled “Winds of War.” This video discussed George Clooney’s involvement in the conflicts in Sudan and included Ann Curry’s interviews with him throughout his journey in Sudan. In this video, there were several bits of information that surprised me. First of all, I had no idea George Clooney’s dad was a TV anchorman. Additionally, I was surprised George Clooney attempted to become a baseball player before he became an actor. When I viewed a scene where some Sudanese boys were proclaiming their eagerness to fight in the war, I was astonished. Also, I was very shocked to find out some people in Sudan depend on other countries, including the United States, to defend the Sudanese if a war breaks out after the vote in January 2011. From what I have witnessed of the first few parts of this Dateline NBC special, I have been astounded from the new information that I have received.
    After my research on African conflicts and watching this documentary, my view towards a certain idea has been strengthened. I now firmly believe that the United States and President Obama should take a stronger role in settling the conflicts in Sudan. This constant conflict in Sudan has, over the years, brought about millions of deaths already. Yet, some people, such as advocate George Clooney, believe that the vote in January 2011, which decides if south Sudan will secede from north Sudan, will cause a violent war to erupt. Besides the Sudanese being impacted, countries around Sudan might be affected. Those countries may have to build even more refugee camps, which might cause the economy of those countries to decline because of the continuous usage of money spent not on their own country. Additionally, the United States itself is already being affected by the conflicts in Sudan because of the thousands of refugees coming to America, which adds more population pressures on the U. S. If the United States wants to stop the millions of deaths, the decline of other countries, and the population pressures of its own country, the United States and President Obama should take a stronger responsibility in helping Sudan achieve peace.
    While watching the video highlighting George Clooney’s journey and Ann Curry’s trip to Sudan, I wanted to ask George Clooney one question. I wanted to ask George Clooney: “How do you do it?” What I mean by this question is how George Clooney is able to willing travel to a disease-ridden and desert-like country with very high temperatures and an abundance of mosquitoes. Also, I want to know how George Clooney can bear to see people who are beyond hope and have lived through torture. Additionally, I want to know how George Clooney can bear to see the world have a weak determination to help Sudan. I yearn for the answer to this question because I am so amazed that George Clooney has the willpower to attempt to help Sudan. I would love to learn from George Clooney’s answer to my question.

  48. KyleK says:

    The ideas that most stood out to me were stated early, as George said that he thought that his efforts could save many lives if he started now, even though the war has raged on for over half a century and will probably continue for years. The fact that George’s ability to publicize the events in Sudan is such an important step shows me that indeed we can do much more to help the Sudanese and in fact a large part of the problem with relief efforts in Sudan is that not enough people know about it. If the events occurring there could be opened more efficiently to the public there would be a larger group of people not only helping independently and with small organizations, but a larger group of people pressuring the government into more drastic action. In fact if the first step of spreading the word could be completed more fully I think that the rest would be a snowball effect, as more and more people aid south Sudan and protect them from the north. If this protection is successful for long enough, as it would be with enough support, a new and much less corrupt government could be constructed and Sudan could be saved.
    I do think that a stronger stance should be taken to prevent more casualties in Sudan, but I think that the U.S. should go about it in ways other than sending food and other day to day supplies. I think that a decent sized military group could help, if the U.S. shows a strong enough military presence Sudan would cease to be an afterthought of so many nations and relief organizations. Outside of gaining publicity placing military in Sudan would be an effective way of not only protecting southern Sudan but would show the north that their actions are starting to show on an world scale, which would drop the corruption. After a while it would be possible to set up a new, stable, government which in reality Sudan has never had, which would finally end conflict on such a large scale. Although it would be costly to do this it would end up saving lives and money as relief over the long run for Sudan would become less and less necessary as the country becomes more independent.
    One question I could ask to George Clooney would be how he plans on most effectively publicizing the events in Sudan. It’s apparent that he has done a good job so far, but he still has a long way to go until he gets real attention and it might require some drastic moves. Personally I think that the most effective moves for George to make would be to make online, and televised ads advertising some of the footage of the horrors of Sudan, with either he, or Obama stating just what the problem is and how the viewer can help. On top of the advertising efforts I think that starting a large scale fundraiser that travels through cities and schools collecting donations would drastically increase the rate of success for the project. Because of the base he has already created by traveling to Sudan alongside his fame he has the tools to start the snowball effect and really publicize the issue finishing the first and most important step towards ending the genocide in Sudan.

  49. Austin D. says:

    1. Something that really stood out to me was how much of a war zone it is over there. Clooney stated that the children won’t have food, but they will have AK-47’s. This to me is ridiculous for a child to hold one of the most powerful assault rifles out there. Not only that but they won’t be fed any food. Just given a guy and told to shoot anything that moves. These children are way too young to understand what they are dealing with. When you hear something like this you stop and think, what has this world come too. 2. I think that the United States and President Obama should take a much stronger stand at this because the country has been at warfare for decades and is getting worse. When I think of Sudan the first thing that comes to my mind is “terror” because of all the awful things going on there. They haven’t been able to help themselves so we need to go in and end it for good. Even if this means building a large in between the two they need to separate for good. 3. If I could ask them a question I would probably ask them how they plan on influencing all these people. So many of the Sudanese who disagree with this plan. How could they get all these people to agree? I know they’ve done a lot so far but the clock is ticking and there is much to be done.

  50. Hannah R. says:

    The Dateline video with George Clooney, Winds of War, showed the class the different aspects of the war and suffering in Sudan. The video contained a couple statements that made me think deeply about the situation in Sudan. One of which was when a leader of a tribe told Clooney that he, among others, is expecting the united states and other countries to step in and protect Southern Sudan from Northern Sudan after they vote to become a separate country. Cooney later said that the reality is other countries cannot protect everyone. This stops my breath because what if no one comes to help? What if it’s not enough to stop Northern Sudan? How many lives will be lost? It frightens me to think of these outcomes. Another statement that bothered me was one by a student who said that they are ready to fight. They think they are ready to fight for their freedom from Northern Sudan, but are they ready to fight to their death? These men and children are prepared to risk all they have for a cause that they believe in, a cause that is right. It pleases me to know the love and loyalty the men have for their families and country. But, will it be enough to outweigh the danger and tragedies of war? The video has left me with unanswered questions on the situation and outcome of the Sudanese war.
    Right now, I am not sure what the United States should do about the issues in Sudan. Many U.S. soldiers have already lost their lives due to the wars in Iraq while more soldiers still face that fight today. I think the United States should help Southern Sudan in the war to freedom. However, I do not think our soldiers can be in to different places fighting for two different causes. It would spread our soldiers too thin, and it would leave the soldiers and the U.S. vulnerable. My personal opinion is to withdraw the soldiers in Iraq and place them in Southern Sudan, because together we would have a better chance of obtaining freedom for Southern Sudan.
    Honestly, it is hard to come up with a question to ask. But if I had a chance to ask George Clooney a question, it would be, “Out of all of the world’s problems, why this one? Why Sudan?” I would ask this question because Clooney could have chosen to end world hunger or to stop child abuse or animal abuse, but he chose Sudan. He chose to help the children, mothers, and fathers. He chose to speak about the issue to the world and get help for Sudan. But why? It would have been easier to address animal abuse, but Clooney chose the road less travelled, to help Sudan. Why Sudan?

  51. Victoria B. says:

    While watching the segments of videos, there were many ideas that stood out to me. One of the most thought provoking idea was how George Clooney and Ann Curry as well as many others take the amount of time to travel on these trips to Sudan and risking themselves to share the knowledge they had gained on these trips. Also, how they had the drive to make sure people were acknowledged and aware of the many issues going on with Sudan. To take the extent to meet with President Obama and many other news reporters held my mind in thought about how much perseverance you need to have to get things out there and shown. Another idea that take my mind is how much George Clooney cares about the issue in Sudan when he could be doing many other leisure things or take trips to Italy. I think that the way he cancels those kinds of things out from his mind to make room for more important and generous things for the world makes me evaluate my own thinking and what things I am and should be thinking about. The interview with George Clooney about how he was raised to think about doing generous acts of kindness made me realized that I think way too much about things that are kind of selfish and have no intentions to help people. The fact that George Clooney could be doing many other things to not positively effect others, but instead has the motivation to go out and get things done that will draw us a step closer to analyzing and solving the issues surrounding Sudan.
    After doing writing and researching Sierra Leone’s children soldiers and watching the NBC videos, I do think the United States and President Obama need to have a stronger take on the issues in Sudan. Although my research covered Sierra Leone, I had never heard of any strides toward helping Sudan or Sierra Leone out involving their many warring issues. Before researching, all I had ever really heard or been aware of was the issue of AIDS/HIV in Africa, but no other issues regarding any of the African countries. With this lack of knowledge and awareness of the other underlying issue, this can show that the awareness and publicity of these issues to the public is scare or needs a lot more reinforcement. I’m not at all saying that they are not doing thing, but to spread and publicize the issue more would do a great deal more. In my opinion, I think there is a lot more effort and publicity with independent organizations such as UNICEF and the United Nations. Though President Obama could do take stronger efforts to publicize issues concerning Sudan in my mind, I also think that he has already a lot to think about with the oil spill, the recession, terrorist threats, and many other problems that the deal with out own country. So, I do not blame the U.S. for taking all their time to sort out the solutions to Sudan because we ourselves need help and have our own problems.
    If I had the opportunity to ask a “how” or “why” question to either George Clooney or Ann Curry, I would probably ask ,“How do you do it?” to George Clooney. To be more specific, I would ask, “How do you get so many people motivated to help in solving this issue and how hard was it to do it?”. This is one of the questions that stumps me because I can’t imagine how much work it takes to schedule trips to Sudan, gather people together, and set up meeting and interviews to talk about Sudan’s situation. To me there would have to a lot of organizing involved to get the publicity there has been from Clooney about Sudan’s issues. In my mind, I wouldn’t even know where to start and how to even get transportation to Sudan. Wondering about all this, blows my mind and I would love to hear the way they figured the trips and interviews out. Although they probably have more contacts to organize a trip, I think regular people or “unfamous” people could still try to help out in larger way than donating.

  52. ballew57654 says:

    George Clooney’s dedication to Sudanese genocide stood out to me. He had no reason to care about these people, but he realized they needed help and he had the power to help them. He put his life in danger just to shine some public light on the true suffering these people are going through. He showed true compassion towards the Sudanese people.
    I think that if the united states was to take up a bigger role in helping Sudan it would make a big difference. We could oversee the vote to make sure it remains fair. In the case that southern Sudan succeeds we could prevent and all out riot. We also have enough relief money to help build up the Sudanese government into a uncorrupted one. I think the United States should definitely consider helping end the Sudanese genocide.
    If I could ask George Clooney one question, I would ask him what is it like to be a celebrity, who everyone knows, and go to a place where no one knows your name. I would ask him this because he is demonstrating complete humility. He gives everything up for a couple days, with the risk of death or disease. He doesn’t do this for his benefit but for that of the people in Sudan. I wonder what it feels like to have complete compasion for fellow humans.

  53. matthew beverly says:

    One statement that stood out to me was when George said a little girl asked him when will you be back and chuckled when he said soon then said they always say that. To me it shows how little help is offered in Africa. It shows that many do not believe anyone will really try to help them. I found it interesting how George decided that he would keep returning because of that little girl. Another statement that stood out was that some people didn’t have food but everyone had an AK-47. It shows how the violence level is risen to such a rate that it could cause economic and physical turmoil to the point that it becomes an absolute catastrophe.

    I believe we should invest more into Sudan but to an extent due to i believe we should focus on domestic affairs and problems more than international affairs and relations.I believe we should at first keep a close watch on northern Sudan and issue verbal threats of action if they attack.

  54. Alexandra C says:

    The things that stood out to me were that the north and south have two different religions and this is one of the factors of the split. The north is Islamic and the south is Christian. The south also has 90% of the oil, so the north doesn’t want to let them split away. When the south votes about whether to become a separate country, people fear the war will happen. If it does it will cost about $100 billion. The whole thing is terrible, because the children have no food, but they have AK-47s. The people are ready for war, and expect it to happen. In wars, things like pregnant women getting burned and old women being raped happen. The whole thing is a terrible business, and pulls at one’s heart.
    I think that the US should have a stronger stance because they would be able to help. After all, America tends to be everywhere trying to do everything. People hate and fear the US already, but why should we not help? Peace is essential, and after all, it could boil over and involve more countries. There is no sense in waiting for things to come to us. It is better to be proactive rather than reactive. There are many things we can do to give hope, like send in food for the children. We should try to help out in Sudan as well as other places in Africa. It’s not like we’re in debt or anything.
    If I could pose one question to George Clooney it would be, “Why are you so interested in Sudan?” There are many other places that also need help, and the US itself is rotten. It would be good to set ourselves to order before we even think to go to other countries. Bring attention to the slums with your fame, because people are dying every day because of their conditions. Bring attention to the overworked hospitals, and the streets where women abort their children just to be able to stay in their line of work. There are many places that need our help, and we are one of them. The US is in terrible debt, and just keeps going further down. Yes, civil war is going to break out there, but we are sliding further and further from the democracy we used to be. We are barely clinging on to what we were.

  55. grinerb says:

    One statement that stood out to me from the dateline videos was when the little African girl came up to George Clooney and asked him when he would be back. Hearing this, George laughed and said soon. He said that they always ask him that. I think this shows how few people rarely help in Africa. The little girl was not used to people helping her and the rest of the Africans. I thought it was really interesting how determined George Clooney was to help the people of Sudan in their time of need. Most people seem to ignore Africa, and treat it as a third world. George Clooney is the opposite of these people.

    I think Obama and the rest of the United States government should do something. This is a fellow country in need of assistance from other friendly countries. Majority of the people that are not doing anything to help Sudan probably don’t know the situation in Sudan. If the United States and other Countries around the U.S. could just pitch in with helping, who knows what rate the situation would get better. Crime, violence, and rape would certainly decrease. Gradually, Sudan would get a little better, with just a little help from everyone.

    If I could ask George Clooney a question, I would ask him why. Why do you keep going back? This is because we all know he does not have to do what he is doing. If he just explained his experience and his opinion that he has of this place to the government, we could help the people in need. We have the resources they need to get back on their feet. We just need to know what to do to help and stay at peace with the country.

  56. Sydney S says:

    Something that really stood out to me the most is the fact that 90% of Sudanese women are illiterate. It shows that no one really cares about the women, and the government isn’t taking any action to fix it. Also the fact about how much of a terrible war area it is over there. More kids can be seen with guns the toys. It is a terrible and dangerous place to be and it really stood out to me how terrible the lives are of the people that live there. Another thing that really stood out to me was the humbleness of George Clooney. How he went to such a dangerous area of the world to help people that don’t have anything to do with him at all. This really inspired me and made me see that there are really some great people in the world.

    Yes, I believe that the United States should take a better action to resolve the issues that are occurring in Sudan. Whatever happens in the world effects us too, and we should always want to help others in need. Especially countries that we share our planet with. The United States may not be in a position to help them, but they still should help in every way that they can. President Obama should make a bigger and more efficient way to help the Sudanese.

    One question I would ask George Clooney, is why does he keep going to Sudan? What about all of the other countries around the world where their children are in an even worse situation, and more people are suffering? Why is all his attention focused on Sudan when there is so much hate and war all around the world?

  57. Shauntae P. says:

    Dateline NBC’s special, Winds of war was very informative and moving. One piece of information that stood out to me was the fact that 90% of Southern Sudanese women are illiterate. This statistic just goes to show the government’s lack of care for the people. It also shows that education isn’t one of the government’s main priorities, and without education the people don’t have the knowledge necessary to distinct right from wrong. This can be backed up by the statement in the video that children are more likely to have guns than food. The fact that children have open easy access to weapons only goes to show the severity of the situation in Sudan. These statements stood out to me because it shows how complex the situation in Sudan is, particularly because it’s the government that’s corrupt and not the people.

    I believe the United States and Obama should take a stronger stance, but I more strongly believe that the international community in general should take a stance. We are being provided a chance to prevent a war before it starts and save a countless number of lives. Stepping in now and advocating for peace in Sudan will not only end the bloodshed but it will also help the country’s economy and people. Many people complain that the United States needs to worry about its own people and problems but the reality is that Sudan’s crisis is much more important. Within one month from now, thousands of lives could possibly be lost in response to the one decision; can you say the same for the United States?

    One question I would ask George Clooney is “How do you suggest the United States should go about advocating for peace in Sudan? How will the international community ensure that peace is continued throughout Sudan, even after they are split into two countries?”

  58. Ian M says:

    I feel that the statement George Clooney made in response to “why do you come here when you could be at home living the life of a celebrity” was very aw inspiring. He talked about how if you knew about an earthquake before it happened would you do something about it. He discussed how this is something people do know about and it’s something people can change. I feel that this is true and it’s very important that these people are taken care of by the more fortunate. I found that it’s also important that the person that is discussing this was a celebrity that we know and can relate to.

    I do feel that Obama should take a stronger stance in the issues in Africa and Sudan. Many people talk about how we should mind our own business but I think that we stand as a model for other countries. We stand as an example of heroism and help. If we ignore their issues we will not be seen as a leader of a group of nations, surely soon to form. These issues are breaking the majority of Africa to its knees with help from our nation we can be seen as responsible and helping a rabid nation find peace with itself and recover from the damage done.

    I would ask “how did you find yourself involved in these matters of Sudan and Africa”. I find it hard to believe that someone like him can go to a place such as this and find himself needing to help the people he has little real connection with. My question would be how you knew that you would be helping these Africans and Sudanese people recover from AIDS and society conflicts and government conflicts etc. etc. He has done great amount of good yet I still don’t see how or why he felt he had a calling to help the people out of such tragedy and abandon his celebrity life.

  59. Cole Maran says:

    After I watched the NBC Dateline special, the issues in Sudan were raised to me attention. I knew Sudan had some minor issues with fighting and poverty but, not to this degree at all. While I watched the video I realized that was not even close to what was really going on. It really stood out to me that these religions were going to fight over freedom and the ability to have power over each other. Personally this made no sense why would anyone not want freedom. The idea of having war and mass killings over a political decision, in addition to the fighting in Sudan, I am really proud of George Clooney for trying to help them. He is using publicity to get the message out about the genocide.
    As I watched the video I was severely un-happy to see the kid’s faces as George Clooney arrived, true there was happiness then but I could tell that they had done things that most people shouldn’t have to go through. I loved when the teenage student in the wrecked High-School was talking to George, he asked him to tell President Obama to help them that he was waiting. Shortly after hearing this I re-watched this part multiple times, each time I became furious that the U.S.A and our President Obama have not done more to help them than the American people as a public have. If our government doesn’t step in before I will be furious with the country that I live in. I believe that we pay taxes not just to help our own living conditions but to help others. How can we live so well while they drink the same water they bathe in! The United States has the best Military in the world why don’t we use it to help others?
    George Clooney is now a person I have come to respect because I knew if I had his money I would have at least donated money to these causes, but a man so famous, using his money to help people rather than going to parties or vacationing, is almost un-heard of to me. If had the chance to ask George Clooney some questions they would be just some of the following: How have you come to know so much about Sudan? What sparked your interest in these people? Why do you care so much? How has this affected your personal budget? Lastly, Is there more that the American public, like myself, could do to help out?

  60. brannon53937 says:

    One thing that stood out most to me was all the starving children. There was one point in the video that showed a mother holding her child and the child was holding onto the woman’s necklace. I don’t believe the child was a baby, but it’s hand was about the size of one. You could literally see every bone in that child’s body. When I was watching it, I got a little teary eyed. I can’t imagine having to live that way and see my child so starved but not be able to do anything about it. Another statement that stood out to me was said on the ride George and Ann took to cross the imaginary boarder between Southern Sudan and Northern Sudan. Ann Curry was talking to one of the soldiers they had on the truck for security and he said he had already fought four times. Then she asked him how old he was and he said he was 18 years old. That blew my mind. That boy is only two years older than me and he has fought in war four times. A teenager should not have to go through that. Both of those things really brought me down to reality and made me realize that I take so much for granted.

    I believe that the United States and President Obama should get more involved and take a stronger stance on promoting peace in Sudan. I think that we have a strong military power and we could be using it a lot more efficiently than we may currently be using it. I believe we are being slightly selfish with our military forces and should use our services to help other countries who need it just as much if not more than we do. I look up to and respect George Clooney a great deal for what he is doing in Sudan. Many celebrities only go to countries like this for the publicity and to make themselves look better. Mr. Clooney is doing it solely for the benefit of the Sudanese. He is using his fame to bring honest attention to the issue and not to himself. I believe our armed forces could help the Sudanese get freedom.

    If I could ask George Clooney a question, I would ask, “Why Sudan? Why didn’t you choose to put your main focus on another country? And how did you first go about helping the Sudanese?”

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