This blog is one of our thinking and learning sandboxes for Ms.  Hamilton and Mrs.  Lester’s 5th and 7th period Honors Literature/Composition classes.  To read more about our model of learning and how we hope to grow as learners, please surf over to Ms.  Hamilton’s Media 21 Capstone page.


2 comments on “About

  1. Anna D says:

    Anna Dunn
    8 August 2010

    A networked student is one who is actively involved on the web and participates in learning through a social network with many different connections. In some ways, I am a networked student, but in many ways I am not. Just like most other students here at Creekview, I use the Internet and its many helpful resources for information and research. Along with that, I created my own website in a previous class and posted assignments on it to be graded. However, unlike the majority of my peers, I do not have a Facebook or any other social network account. I am not a networked student in the fact I do not have an identity on the Internet, and I am not actively involved on the web with my learning.

    Because I do not have an identity on the Internet, I need to create a positive face for myself. In order for me to learn, I need access to many different information databases and the ability to properly manage them. Once given these tools and resources, managing my learning will be much easier. Although I will be given access to much more information, I am unsure of how it will affect my learning. With all the information that I will acquire, it will be difficult to find what is useful for this class and then apply the same method to my other classes. As long as I continue to stay organized and not become overwhelmed by this new learning method, I think it could have a positive effect on my education.

    An information dashboard could prove to be helpful in managing assignments. This concept of being so involved on the web is foreign to me. I have excelled in more traditional methods of teaching, and I have already learned to manage my assignments and balance my school life with sports. However, having my own information dashboard could help my time management even more. With everything I need to access all in a single place, it would be much easier than pulling up multiple different sites and trying to switch back and forth between them while simultaneously making sense of all the information. This would also make research projects much more convenient because all of the information would be in one easily accessible location. With all the new technology and different methods of learning, being a student in the 21st century will be a challenge.

  2. Jordan Gates says:

    At this point in time, I see my self as a well-rounded learner. I can successfully use the electronic resources available to me in a way that aids my learning. For example, I frequently use e-mail to send my class assignments too and from school. I also use e-mail to ask my teachers about homework and other various projects. I also love to use tools such as Wiki, Google, and Galileo, to scan the internet for information for my school work. I am able to easily search through the information and tell the difference between a reliable resource, and an unreliable one. But in some ways I am not very networked. The only blog experience I’ve ever had before was Xanga and Facebook. I also do not own an I-touch, so I’m not able to read my class books on the go.

    The only things that I cannot access very easily from the comfort of my home would be the teachers, and the school library. Sure, I can e-mail the teachers, but sometimes the message will get lost, or in the midst of 30+ other students, the teacher will not be able to answer me right away. I still believe that one on one conversations are better than e-mail too. Also, if I had access to the school library, then I would be able to browse numerous books that could help with my project. Instead I’m forced to run to the nearest library or jump on my computer and hit up Amazon. If I was able to access both of these from my home, my homework would be easier to accomplish on time.

    Creating my own information dashboard would be extremely helpful. It would help me organize all of my resources and keep me track of all my assignments. If everything I needed was neatly organized then I could save so much time. I would no longer have to search tirelessly through websites for what I wanted. Instead it would be right there, waiting for me. If I could arrange everything so nicely then I probably wouldn’t end up stressing out over assignments like I sometimes find myself doing now.

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