Student Reflections: Praise and Suggestions for Presentation Zen Students

1.  What qualities have you seen in the first three days of presentations that have been exemplary or well done?
2.  In general, what suggestions might you have for next week’s presenters to be effective speakers/presenters?

Feel free to look to our rubric and presentation guidelines to consider specific suggestions and praise.


Response to Poetry

from Ms. Lester:

Answer each question in paragraph format of  in 7-9 sentences.   Please do not number your paragraphs; you may create a heading (i.e. “Question 1) and then compose your paragraph.

  1. What does the controlling metaphor in Donne’s Meditation 17 mean: “No man is an island…”?
  2. What is Donne’s call to action for humanity in this poem?
  3. According to Kipling, and in your own words, what was the “White Man’s Burden”?
  4. What reward did Kipling suggest the “White Man” gets for carrying his “burden”?
  5. Who did Kipling think would read his poem? What do you think that this audience might have said in response to it? How do you respond to this message as a 21st century reader today?

Tuesday, August 24: Reflecting On Your South Africa Research Experience

In three thoughtful and well developed paragraphs, please discuss the following reflection points:

  • Explain the sources you and your partner  used to find the answers. Did you and your partner stray from the pathfinder, and if so, why? What other databases or other resources on the pathfinder did you use and why? Which sources were the most helpful? Were you concerned about accuracy and credibility—why or why not?
  • Briefly discuss the experience of co-editing, researching, and sharing information with Google Docs.  For most of you, this was your first experience using Google Docs in this way.  What worked for you?  Did you encounter any challenges or features using Google Docs?  On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate your comfort and confidence level as of today with Google Docs?
  • What ideas and knowledge from your research stand out to you personally and why?  What ideas from today’s small and large group discussion stand out to you and why?

Please use complete sentences and remember to spell check; we suggest you draft, edit, and save in Google Docs before copying and pasting your response here in this discussion on this class blog.  If you have questions, please see Ms.  Lester or Ms. Hamilton.

HINT:  Log into your account; then click on the link to this post.  Your name, email, and link to your blog will be automatically added.  Your email will not be visible to the public.

Connected Learners and Networked Students

Today, we have watched the Networked Student video (see above); we also watched the PLE video.

Please consider these questions:

1. How do you see yourself as a learner at this point in time? Are you a networked student? In what ways? In what ways do you think you are not “networked”?

2. What tools or resources do you need access to at school that you can’t get to right now to help you become a more networked student? How would these tools or resources help you as a student and learner?

3.  Think about the PLE video.  What do you think of creating your own information dashboard?  How could creating and using a tool like this help you with your research projects and daily time management?

Please compose a brief paragraph (5-7 sentences) for each cluster/group of questions; please remember to proofread carefully before posting your response HERE on  THIS blog.  You will have three total paragraphs of 5-7 sentences.  You will need  to type and spellcheck in Google Docs or Word first before posting.    If you need assistance or clarification, please see Ms. Hamilton or Ms. Lester for help.  You should have your response posted by the beginning of class on Monday, August 9, 2010.