August 23, 2011: Nonfiction Research and Reflection 1

Thank you for taking time to search, access, and reflect upon a nonfiction related to a current issue happening in a region or country in Africa.    Please organize your five categories of response in the comment space at the end of this post in the following manner; you may use block paragraphing to separate sections.

MLA Citation of Your Actual Information Source (you may use NoodleTools or the built in MLA style citation of your article to create the generation.  See Ms. Hamilton if you need help!).

Factual Summary:  short summer of the nonfiction piece you’ve read

A.  Identify vocabulary words in the article that were unfamiliar or somewhat difficult to understand
B.  Explain how your resolved of understanding with the words

Interpretation:  what was the main point the author wanted you to get from reading this work?

A.  With which points of the piece did you agree or find easy to accept?  Why?
B.  With which points of the piece did you disagree or find difficult to believe? Why?

Personal Response:  

What do you think about this piece  OR how does this piece influence your ideas?